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Asher is working out at the gym when she gets a call. She tells the caller she will meet them in the ED.

Sharon is happy to hear that Ben and Maggie are living together again. Maggie thanks her for her support. An infomercial for 2.0 comes on and Sharon runs off to her budget meeting.

Asher preserves her patient's confidentiality, saying they know each other from the gym. Liza 's water has broken. She wants Asher to be her doctor and doesn't like that another doctor is being called in. She wants Asher.

Maggie teases Marcel about being a "star" on the infomercials. They are interrupted by a construction accident where the man has cut off his hand with a circular saw.

Hannah asks Archer if she can work with Liza. He tells her to hurry up as he is short-staffed in the ED.

Sharon has a candidate in mind for an open position on the board. Dayton has a friend who is mostly retired but does some lobbying for bio-tech and he wants to put him in that position and insists Sharon have lunch with him -- today. He will check in afterward.

Marcel promises the patient's wife an update. He tells Maggie that it is not likely that they can save the hand. It's in good shape but the stump isn't and the hand will die before it's ready.

Will sees a car accident victim who says it's his fault. Also he has end-stage renal disease and hypertension. He also knows Cuevas. She runs a support group for chronic illness. He says the accident happened because he was in a hurry after learning he was getting a new kidney. Cuevas tells him there's no rush and he needs to let Will check him out. Will says that he will likely still be able to have the surgery.

Liliana worries that her union may strike. She says she sends money home and can't afford to be out of work. Charles is sure all is going to be fine.

Liza is in a lot of pain. The umbilical cord is squeezed. She may need a C-section which she doesn't want. The medicine seems to be working. Hannah says that if the baby's heart rate drops she is doing an emergency C-section.

Marcel has an idea. Attach the hand to the back of the leg for a week or so and then use 2.0 to restore the hand and it will be functional enough that he can go back to work. Maggie says he will need rehab, physical therapy, etc, and of course there are other options. Rob wants to try this first.

Liza now wants the C-section but it's too late. She gives birth to a baby girl and gets to hold her.  However, Liza can't deal with the baby crying.

Isaac has a compression fracture and Will thinks that the cancer may have metastasized to the bone. If so, Isaac can't get his kidney today. Isaac's wife is out of town.

Maggie asks if this operation is worth the risk.Marcel says 2.0 will be assessing blood flow. Maggie says he has too much invested in 2.0. Dayton interrupts their argument. He says his videographer wants to film this procedure. Grace promises to keep the videographer out of Marcel's way.

Sharon doesn't care that the elevator is slow on the way to her lunch. Charles asks why they can't give the custodians a raise. Sharon says then every union will want a raise.

Hannah goes to tell Liza she is going back to the ED and finds her in the bathroom, ODing on heroin.

Archer wants Hannah to follow protocol and report this to DFCS. Hannah says she will not give up on Liza and is not reporting this until she finds a way for Liza to stay with the baby while getting help. Archer gives her til the end of the day.

Marcel relies on 2.0. He is distracted when Dayton's phone goes off. The videographer wants Marcel to move over, which Grace puts a stop to.

Will tells Cuevas that if Isaac has cancer it could ruin his new kidney. But if he tells Isaac will be off the list. He has an obligation to the hospital to investigate thoroughly and feels it would be irresponsible to look the other way on this.

George says Jack is pushy when he wants something. He promises not to be a mouthpiece for special interest groups. He was born in this hospital and they fixed his first broken arm. Chicago is home and the hospital holds a special place in his heart. However, he isn't the type to show up only at fundraisers. He has ideas.

The social worker runs into Hannah and asks to see Liza. Hannah says it was an error and she doesn't need an evaluation.

Hannah confronts Archer, interrupting his meeting. He swears he didn't make the call.

There's not enough circulation. Grace has 2.0 assess and the confidence interval is too low. Marcel doesn't know what to do. He's flying blind.

Isaac refuses to get the MRI and is upset Will told Dr. Jones. Isaac says he shouldn't have admitted he was in pain to begin with. He demands to see Dr. Jones.

Hannah finds out Liza called DCFS herself. Liza can't force herself to stay sober for her baby.

Sharon has had a great time and has to get back to work. George asks her out for drinks.

Liliana comes to Charles all nervous. She says that she has been asked to talk to the press. Charles tells her this is a bad idea. Liliana says the hospital is flying in workers from elsewhere to break a potential strike and that's why she is going on record.

Jack tells Sharon that George is blowing up his phone. Sharon says she won't challenge his candidacy. Jack says he told her so and leaves.

Daniel comes to see Sharon. She doesn't the idea of flying in scabs but she feels she has to be prepared. Charles is on Liliana's side. Sharon is angry that he is telling her what to do.

Isaac has cancer though he is still having a biopsy. Will is upset. Cuevas thinks maybe they saved his life catching this early.

Maggie comes to see Marcel. Apparently the surgery went well. Marcel says he had forgotten how to trust his own judgment (even though usually he overrides 2.0 using his own judgment.)

The social worker has found a foster mother. They will reassess when Liza finishes treatment. Liza wants to name the baby after Hannah.

Marcel tells Grace he has rescheduled a surgery to a regular OR even though he still believes in 2.0.

Charles goes to check in with Liliana. She asks if he will would be willing to speak to the reporters about why he supports her. He says he's not allowed to. Liliana says it would be anonymous. Charles doesn't think he could. She says she understands but seems upset.

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