Cross Country Road Trip - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4
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Asher is helping deliver twins that are four weeks early. She wants Zola to help. Zola sees a third baby on the monitor. The woman and her husband say they are only having twins. Nope, monitors say otherwise.

Archer is back. He appreciates the low key welcome and thanks Asher for being so patient with him, surprising her. He also notices a guy looking at her.

Accident victims come into the hospital. The victim is bleeding somewhere but they can't find where. Meanwhile Marcel and a random other doctor argue about the menu for a get-together of some sort. They get x-rays and roll the guy over.

Ahmad introduces herself to Archer. Archer is skeptical. He knows her antics of the last few weeks. She promises not to be any mmore trouble. He says he will give her a clean slate.

Washington and Sharon have coffee. He's thrilled the coffee shop spelled his name properly. They do some flirting.  Sharon gets a text. She learns her grandson is being brought in by ambulance.

Isaiah is screaming and has a fast heart rate. Sharon runs in to ask what happened. Bert says he fell on Isaiah.

Tara comes and Sharon says they are waiting for test results. Tara doesn't understand what happened. Sharon doesn't know the details either. All she knows is they were playing and somehow bert's legs got tangled up.

Sharon whispers to Maggie that this is the bravest face she's got.

Wyatt comes up to Asher and says she was checking him o ut. She says it was him checking her out. He wants to have dinner with her. She says she'll him her number. He goes and Zola comes over and is super enthusiastic.

Later Archer wants to know what Asher thinks of Zola. Sean interrupts to say he's quitting his job because he got hired as a recovery coach on a rehab center. He goes and Archer looks upset.

There is no evidence that Bert hit his head or lost consciousness but he has a swollen knee. Bert is worried.

Zola and Maggie see a patient who is bloated and gassy/ He describes the pain as "mushy/" He has been wandering aimlessly around the country.   He is concerned about the possible cost of the tests.

Archer has a new patient, a guy who got lightheaded and fell down the steps. The guy seems out of it and has a non-answer to Archer asking if he knows where he is. He keeps saying "my dad." Archer orders tests and a Jordan suddely grabs his arm and says he doesn't want to die.

Floyd's insurance won't cover his tests. He can see his regular doctor, in Kentucky, but not til the first of the month. Zola wonders if they can puthim as a self-pay under a fake name. Maggie tells her that's fraud.

Archer tells Jordan he did not have a heart attack. Jordan says his father and grandfather had sudden heart attacks at his age.  He is convinced it is the family curse.

The helicopter pilot does rock paper scissors with Marcel and wins so they get to do a barbecue. He asks Maggie to help him out. He's starting at the hospital.

Isaiah is fine. However Dennis walks in on Sharon holding Bert's hand for a second.

Asher says Wyatt texted her an explicit pic. Cueras and Zola are not surprised. However, Asher looks at it and realizes he has syphilis

Maggie tells Zola she got the tests directly from the lab that contracts with his insurance. The tests shows them nothing, so they need more tests. Zola says they can't let him just wlak out of here.

Jordan freaks out during a test. He says he can't breathe and is sure he is having a heart attack.  He codes. zIt seems he's dying but they manage to resstart his heart. The heart looks good on the ultrasound. Archer and Ripley don't get it.

Ripley has some ideas. Archer appreciates the help but wants to run tests.

Zola has somehow gotten a CT exam. Archer comes over and yells at Zola and Maggie. Asher asks what that was about.

Zola tells Floyd she wishes  she could be more help. He thanks her and leaves. Maggie comes up to her and says Archer is avoiding them. Maggie apologizes for getting her in trouble. Maggie wonders what was really going on. Zola tells a story of how she was on her own a lot and her neighbor got what seemed like just a cold. By the time her insurance was active, she couldn't make an appointment for weeks and she died of lung cancer.

Bert appears to get Isaiah mixed up with his son, Michael, while playing with him. Ripley comes in and says Burt has a ligament tear. He has to be immobilized. He is confused about which leg he will be using to drive.

Wyatt comes to see Asher.  She tells him the doctor will be with you in a moment. Ripley comes in to check his penis.

Floyd is back and puking. His gall bladder is inflamed. She says to page Crockett and tells Floyd everything is covered by his HMO.

Tara tells Sharon she has been looking for a nurse. She thinks that the baby is too much for Bert. She says he is forgetting things, repeating himself... Sharon thinks this is just the way Bert is.

Asher tells Wyatt he has a skin condition. She is shocked that he thinks they are going to date.  She is not interested.

Maggie smiles while watching Johnson play with kids in the pediatric unit.

Archer says it wasn't a heart attack, it was cardiac arrest. He has a rare condition where the heart beats too fast and then shorts out. Stress exacerbates the condition. No cure but it can be controlled with medication and internal defibrillators. His father could have had this too. If Archer hadn't kept digging he wouldn't be around much longer. He's grateful.

Zola is busy telling Marcel during surgery she should hae realized. Marcel is sure she will still be sticking round. Archer is no choir boy himself.  Marcel discovers something weird, some kind of bristle in the stomach.

The team realizes that a barbecue brush ended up in Floyd's stomach after he ate at a BBQ place. Johnson invites Maggie to his and Marcel's barbecue. Marcel warns Johnson that Maggie is going through a divorce.

Archer asks Zola what she gave the tech to get him to give her the CT scan. She said her commuter card. Archer tells her to see him in the ICU lounge.

Cuevas has learned that men with Wyatt's condition have been linked to Neanderthals.

Sharon apologizes to Dennis for her deer in the headlights look earlier. He admits he sometimes he cuts through the ED to see her. He wanted to support her but didn't know how. She loves his honesty. He can't go to dinner now b ut they make plans for Friday.

Archer assigns Zola to an ethics class.

Tara goes to Sharon. She has nanny cam footage showing that Bert got disoriented leaving the room. Something is wrong.



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Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

Zola: Where'd you get this scar, Floyd?
Floyd: Week after I was born. It's been so long I don't remember what it's called. Misrotation?
Zola: Malrotation?
Floyd: That's it. I came out of my mama with my insides all over the place. Doctors had to put it back in the right spot. Think that's why my guts a mess now?

Archer: I appreciate for the low-key welcome. I was worrie people would make a big deal.
Asher: You mean like a congrats on your new kidney banner? No, we just delivered surprise triplets. Kind of stole your thunder.