On Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 16, Dean butts heads with everybody when he takes charge after a former patient causes a tragedy in the parking lot.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 16 revolves around truth, lies, and delusions.

When Ethan meets Dean in the parking lot to voice his concerns about Dean's unethical behavior, Dean quickly becomes convinced that Ethan is out to get him. Their conversation is cut short when Neal, the delusional patient that Dean sedated and performed surgery on without consent, shows up with a gun and wants to shoot them both. When Sharon comes down the aisle, it provides enough of a distraction for Ethan to try to disarm Neal... but not before he gets shot.

With Ethan out of commission, Dean becomes determined to handle his boss' care his way no matter what anyone says, causing friction with both Will and Abrams. Dean first accuses Will of wanting Ethan to die because of personal disagreements, then accuses Abrams of not having enough confidence when Abrams disagrees with his risky treatment plan.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charles calls a translator in when a Russian patient comes into the ED and is super agitated. The translator himself also seems anxious, and when Charles is called in on the Ethan situation, the man gets drunk and ends up falling down the stairs to the parking lot.

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Ethan and Dean find themselves in hot water with a patient while Will faces consequences for the stolen medication on Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 16.

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Chicago Med Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Lankoff: Back in Leningrad, he was committed to a special psychiatric hospital.
Charles: Special? What does that mean? For bigwigs or what?
Lankoff: I wish. It seems he was diagnosed with sluggish schizophrenia.

Marcel: Hey Nat. We have found a donor heart for your mom.
Nat: Really?
Marcel: But it's not perfect. Come.