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Detective Lindsay answers a call by Nadia who has a drugged-out woman in critical condition in her bathtub. She's a little mad at Nadia for using her bathtub for this purpose, but nonetheless the drugged-out woman (whose name we later learn is Alicia) has a lead when Nadia asks her where the drugs came back.  

We cut to a nightclub where four masked robbers interrupt the action and rob the strip club and get some bags of drugs from the vault.

But there's a twist! As they jump into the pick-up truck and roll away, we discover that the masked robbers are our boys at the Chicago P.D. with Lindsay at the getaway drive. 

The unit is after the guys at the top of the pipeline and starts working their way up the ladder by interrogating the nightclub owner. When the nightclub owner names someone named Blue, Voight and the crew decide to have Blue arrested without telling him that the nightclub owner has been arrested previously. Meanwhile, Perry is enlisted to tap the phones between the two so they might be able to get something incriminating on the wire. 

The criminal organization is a step ahead and Olinsky learns this when he heads home and finds two gangsters (the Gary brothers) have got his wife Meredith at gunpoint. They want their drugs back and demand Olinsky lead them to the confiscated loot. The two brothers split up with one holding Meredith at gunpoint and one making sure Olinsky doesn't pull any funny business. It doesn't bode well for the latter brother as he gets shot after a struggle in Olinsky's car.

At the house, the criminal receives a text from his brother  (which is actually the police) that the job went down and decides to kill Meredith anyway but is soon subdued by Voight and Olinsky. 

In the interim, Voight isn't happy with Nadia despite having gotten the lead on the heroin ring because the case could be threatened by charges of entrapment. Lindsay has a pep talk with her and tells her she's appreciative of her but she has "to start thinking like a cop."

Dissatisfied with the Gary brothers as the chief culprit of the trafficking ring, the gang regroups and someone points out that the wiretap was suspiciously stopped by a Judge, who they figure as the culprit.

They speculate that he was giving them probation instead of jail time with a kickback for profits. Naturally the judge denies this but the heroin in his car proves differently. 

In the middle of the crime mystery of the week, Lindsay gets pulled aside by a Special Agent Lang who offers him a job on the federal task force. She mulls it over at episode's end and decides to accept to teary-eyed music. 

In the B-plot Burgess and Roman are assigned a case with a woman named Jenn from a neighboring precinct. It gets a little awkward for everyone involved as Roman and Jenn used to go out and their passive-aggressive nature towards each other suggests they still haven't aired out their baggage. Burgess eventually ascertains that working together drove the two insane and she wonders if Ruzek and her will be driven apart by working such a demanding job together.

Ruzek reassures her that they'll last and offers to take her home after work that evening for a romantic microwave dinner. In the closing scene of the episode, Burgess is shot.

Chicago PD
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