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The team investigates when two teenage girls disappear and Roman and Burgess are put on gun buy-back duty. 

Halstead and Lindsay have to requalify for their firearms.

A 16 year old girl is missing and the parents put the heat on Voight to find her.

Olinsky doens't understand Uber. 

Voight suggests the girl's dad is dirty and he is outraged. But Voight wants him to save the speeches. He knows better.

Hayden's parents has a very cool dining room chandelier.

Jordan Biggs has been blowing up Allison's phone all month saying to go away, but she was at his dorm room anyway.

Jordan thought it was very funny until he learned the girls were missing. He was then very concerned.

As the crew heads to a location where the girls might have been, they're looking around and someone throws a girl out of the window and starts shooting.

Brett and Mills answer the call for Hayden.

Antonio's daughter Eva comes to the precinct by herself on the train and Antonio is livid.

Hayden wasn't thrown through the window, she ran straight for it when they released her from the radiator.

A woman delivers a gun that Sean calls a street sweeper. Sean thinks it was the gun from a triple homicide from his old precinct. Platt isn't impressed and tells them to get back on the beat.

Voight gets a visitor from a girl named Olive who dated Justin. She's pregnant. 

Hayden recognizes someone from a photo. Her father, Gordon, talked to him. Hell breaks loose between the fathers.

Antonio hasn't been seeing his kids while he's been separated. Eva just wanted to see her dad. Antonio wants to give her mom the space she needs until they can work things out.

Sean and Burgess visit Bertie even though they were told not to. It had a milk jug and cloths jammed inside.

Olinsky and Halstead deliver bad news about Woodley's mom who was killed by the cops. She asks that they tell the cop who killed him that she had noting but peace now, because her boy was nothing but trouble. She wishes they had shot Reed Dryer too.

Gordon talks to his family about what he allowed to happen. He gave them Beck's phone. They had no idea whose girls he had.

The team narrows in on the kidnapper. The other father is giving money to him and the kidnapper shoots him, threatening Lindsay and Antonio that they need him or they'll never find the girl.

Sean and Burgess find the evidence and Platt is still angry at them. 

Sean asks Antonio to work on his private security gig. I don't like the sound of it.

Voight takes Olive in for dinner and then gives her some money from his safe.

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Platt: Congratulations. You're on gun buy-back duty at the grocery store over on Ash.
Sean: What does that entail?
Platt: People turn in guns, you give them a grocery gift card. No questions asked. And bring your galoshes. You're going to get soaked in that parking lot.

Maybe you couldn't think straight with the music being so loud. Sit down.