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Burgess and her temporary partner Price discover a body in an SUV. 

They track the license plate to his home and find a huge arsenal of guns. 

Mouse gives Olinsky the results of his DNA test. 

Lindsay and Halstead agree to be professional at work. 

The victim, Victor, has been dead a week. 

Victor's girlfriend comes in with her lawyer to make a statement. She tells them he collapsed of a heart attack and she put him in the garage and drove him to the park. She tells them he was CIA. 

Roman spends his time off with the dying boy. He brings him to the precinct. 

Ruzek tells Burgess their relationship won't change based on his career. 

Victor's body is stolen from the hospital. 

They bring in a guy who was dismembering the body. He also claims to be CIA. He said he was removing a chip from his body. 

They learn Victor was never a field agent and didn't last long in the agency. 

Dr. Charles tells them he suffered from Delusional Disorder. 

Olinsky goes undercover to bring another of the operatives, but it goes badly and he gets shot in the vest. 

They track the third operative and chase his car. They bring him in and tell him he was following orders from someone with a mental illness. 

Olinsky tears up the DNA results without opening them. 

Roman is told the boy won't make it through the night. 

Ruzek is reinstated thanks to Platt calling in a favor. 

Lindsay and Halstead decide to stop hiding their relationship. 

Chicago PD
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Chicago PD Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Did you arrest the leader of a small African republic?


Take a bird bath in the ladies room. Overtime is like gold around here.