Roz and Sabrina - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Sabrina finds out about Lupercalia, a holiday much like Valentine's Day but rooted in more primal acts between people at The Academy. This comes at the same time as she is exploring her feelings for Nick, and manages to get him as her partner after he mentions that he just wants to be with her. The first time they start to grow closer in the woods when a wolf appears and everyone runs for safety.

Instead, they decide to spend time at the Baxter High dance, where Roz and Harvey are too. Roz asks if it is okay to accept Harvey's date proposal and Sabrina gives her blessing. Sabrina and Nick find a quiet place alone when the wolf appears again, only Nick recognizes it as his familiar that meant everything to him until she became too possessive.

Ms. Wardwell advises Nick to kill her before it is too late, and he goes into the woods and comes out with her heart and says he did it for Sabrina. But the wolf returns on the last night of the festival and Sabrina ends up killing her when she harms Nick for saying he loves Sabrina. Nick admits that he lied because of how much his familiar meant to him and Sabrina says she gets it and they continue to grow closer. 

Meanwhile, Roz and Harvey kiss and then when they are hanging out together Roz suddenly loses her vision.

Theo comes out to his dad and they go and get him a haircut he likes more. Then at the dance Billy apologizes for his behavior. 

Ms. Wardwell has to deal with her body's actual fiance returning, which she doesn't seem to mind because she becomes sort of lonely. But a doll that he gives her seems to have some sinister importance along the way.

Hilda also finds out that her crush is possessed by a sex demon while Father Blackwell proposes to Zelda. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I feel more myself in boy's clothes. Actually, Dad, I don't think I'm a girl at all.


Make this glorified carny you're sweet on feverish with lust.