Sabrina and the Dark Lord  - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Madam Satan talks to the Dark Lord about his plans for Sabrina, which ends in a bet about how he will be able to turn her evil and Madam Satan says that won't be possible. 

The Dark Lord visits Sabrina and tells her to steal gum for him. She is confused but gets told by her family to do what is asked of her, but when she tries Ms. Wardwell appears to stop her.

Both The Academy and Baxter High are doing plays, with Sabrina playing an understudy at The Academy. After the Dark Lord tries to push Sabrina to hurt Dorcas and then has Sabrina choke until she passes out, Sabrina decides to take a break and live in her mortal world for a while.

She returns to Baxter High where Theo is having problems changing in the boy's room and Roz and Harvey are growing closer. Sabrina gives Theo something in case Billy gives him a hard time and suddenly gets paired up with Harvey for a romantic script reading when Roz gets sick.

Harvey and Sabrina end up almost having sex but stop when she sees a mark on Harvey, similar to the one that the Dark Lord visibly imprints on Sabrina to show her that ignoring him doesn't prevent his hold on her. She freaks out but can't explain why to Harvey, so they break up for good.

Theo uses the rope that Sabrina gives him and hurts Billy in the process. Sabrina realizes that Theo, Roz, Harvey, and even Salem are in danger because she won't do what is asked of her. The Dark Lord says finally that he wants Sabrina to burn down her school, although stops her right before she is about to make the decision whether she will drop the match.

Sabrina talks to Nick and others about doing what the Dark Lord wants and realizes that she is getting closer to her dark side. In the end, she goes back to the store and potentially steals the gum she didn't want to in the first place. 

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Every avalanche begins with a snowflake.

Ms. Wardwell

Zelda: What would you say to frog's legs for dinner?
Sabrina: Can't we just have pizza?