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When Morgan thinks Anna has moved on a new man, he takes towards spying on her and enlists Chuck, Jeff and Lester to help him.  When they see Ana with her new man, Jason (Jack Yang), Chuck has a flash, and finds out he's connected to the Triad.  Chuck tells the general and is assigned to befriend his best friend's ex's new boyfriend in order to figure out what the Triad is up to.  Despite not wanting to betray his best friend, Chuck ends up asking Anna to double date with her new boyfriend and is invited to Jason's car collection party.

At the party, Chuck flashes on several members of the Triad and plants a bug while trying to spy on them.   Morgan spies at the party and is caught by the Triads, but Chuck tries to save him by saying he's just a crazy, ex-boyfriend spying.  When the Triads discover the bug, they think it must be Morgan's and head over to the Buy More to find him.  When the Triads show up, Morgan wants to fight his own battle and Chuck stops him by knocking him out with a mint spray Casey gave him earlier.

While trying to sneak Morgan out of the Buy More, Chuck sees the Chinese ambassador on TV and flahses and realizes that the Triads set up the car auction to kill the ambassador.  Meanwhile, the Triads sneak out with Morgan and Chuck, Casey and Sarah head to the auction to save the ambassador and Morgan.  While there, Chuck discovers they plan on blowing up the ambassador in his new Rolls Royce.  Sarah ends up in a fight with a lady Triad, while Casey and Chuck have to chase after the Ambassador in a remote controlled (by Casey) Buy More car.

When they catch up to the Ambassador, they get Morgan and everyone else out of the car and Chuck grabs the bomb and plants it in the Buy More car and drives off.  Sarah arrives to watch the car blow him and cries thinking Chuck was inside.  Chuck pops out to show he was remotely controlling it. 

Meanwhile, Ellie asks Devon to pick the cake, band and flowers for the wedding to help her out.  Devon asks Chuck to help out with the band, and Jeff and Lester beg to get a chance to audition their band, Jeffster.  When Ellie calls the help desk for her computer, Jeff and Lester make a home visit and try to audition for them but Lester gets too nervous to sing.  Later, Devon agrees to let them audition again and brings Ellie to the Buy More and Jeffster sings "Africa" by Toto.  They're terrible and although Devon has no intention of using them for the wedding, he wanted to let them have their dream.  The episode ends with Anna and Morgan getting back together and Chuck and Sarah holding hands as they listen to Jeffster.

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Chuck Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jeff: This is what we've always wanted for Jeffster; we started a small venue like this, pretty soon where playing the big time.
Lester: Yeah, sure we're gonna blow their minds but uh...where's all this lead? Stadium, groupies, drugs, creative differences and then what? Jeffster breaks up, that's you and me, Jeff, and then what's my fate? Some chamber maid finds me in a hotel having accidentally asphyxiated making love to myself? It's just not worth it.

Sarah: I wanted to apologize. I could've been more sensitive before about your friendship with Morgan. It's's difficult. I don't really have anyone in my life like that who cares about me.
Chuck: Yeah, you do.