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After interviewing Casey and Sarah, Shaw decides to test if Chuck is ready to blow his Buy More cover and become a full-on spy by sending him on his first solo mission.  Shaw gives Chuck a first class ticket to Paris, a tranquilizer pen, and a cell phone that works on planes and sends him on his way to his mission.  Chuck boards the plane and is seated next to the beautiful Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) and eventually flashes on Hugo Panzer (guest star Stone Cold Steve Austin), a dangerous ring operative.  That's when Shaw reveals to Chuck that the actual mission is on the plane and he needs to collect a security key from Hugo's bag.

Chuck sits next to and tranqs Hugo, grabs his luggage tags, and heads down to the cargo hull.  While down below, he locates the key in the coffin that matched the tags, only to have Hugo, woken up by his watch, arrive.  Chuck defeats him using a sword he finds in a bag and heads upstairs with the key.  After some solid flirting with Hannah, Chuck realizes he drank some poison from a martini he never ordered and heads to the bathroom to vomit it out.  While in there, a second Ring operative, who was dressed as a flight attendant, holds him at gun point and offers the antitode for the poison in exchange for the key.

Chuck leads the attendant down to the cargo hull where Hugo joins them and they call Shaw, who refuses to give up the key in exchange for Chuck's life.  Shaw instead has Sarah take control of the plane using a sattelite and she knocks over the baddies.  Chuck is able to get antidote, keep the key, and land safely.  But not before telling Hannah the truth about working at the Buy More and giving her his card.  She reveals she lost her job and wants to show Chuck around Paris, but Shaw makes Chuck stay on the flight to return home.  Jerk.

Meanwhile, Morgan cannot get the respect of Lester and crew at the Buy More as they keep playing pranks on him.  Morgan eventually gets the help of Casey to earn everyone's respect.  Casey even breaks into Lester's place and plays a subliminal message that makes him think Morgan is the kindest person on Earth.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Shaw: Is Chuck Bartwoski a real spy?
Sarah: Yes, of coruse he is. I mean his training has been irregular and he was a civilian only two years ago.
Shaw: These mission reports tell another story. Sometimes he sounds like Bond, other times it's like a Jerry Lewis movie.

Jeff: Your coffee sir.
Morgan: Jeffery, thank you so much. [takes a niff] Mmm hmm. You know, call me old fashioned, but I prefer cream over laxative.

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Respect Respect Otis Redding iTunes
Song Open Late Weekends Daniel May
Womens wear Women's Wear Daniel May iTunes