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Hannah (Kristin Kreuk) is beginning her first day at the Buy More and as Chuck is trying to keep the sharks away from her, he's called to the Yogurt shop for a new mission.  This time, they're trying to get an asset who's working for the ring.  The kid is a nerd like Chuck, so against Sarah's wishes, they send Chuck in to develop his first asset: Manoosh (Fahim Anwar).  Initially they force Manoosh to come into the Buy More by buying up all of the processors he needs in the area.  Manoosh enters, Hannah tries to help, but an aggressive Chuck takes over and eventually sends Manoosh fleeing.

Later, Chuck goes to a taco bar where Manoosh frequents and bonds with him by offering the last nacho sampler.  When things are moving too slow and the ring is rapidly approaching, Sarah steps in and the two of them take the tranquilized kid home.  Back at home Sarah pretends to sleep with him, and they keep tranqing him when he wakes up as they try to figure out the kid's secret and dissect the weapon.  Eventually, one of the times Manoosh wakes up he calls Chuck and wants to meet at the Buy More to get his brief case back.  They bring it back, without the weapon, and Chuck hands it off.

From the surveillance, they see Manoosh put on a pair of glasses and fight off the ring.  Turns out he rebuilt the Intersect and is the weapon himself, and the weapon the guys were dissecting was shaving cream.  Now, with the ring gone, Manoosh plans on going to Weap-Con in Dubai to sell the weapon to the highest bidder.  The gang follows Manoosh to Weap-Con and after a few action sequences, Manoosh destroying the Intersect glasses to save himself.  Chuck ends up bring home his asset and is forced to burn him as they send him away to prison.  Chuck ends the episode drowning his sorrows in some Johnny Walker.  Wow our boy Chuck has changed.

Meanwhile, with Chuck gone, Hannah is being attacked by Jeff and Lester.  Morgan gets them to stop, but only for his own benefit, as he's obsessed with her.  (she's his Vicki Vale).  Morgan gets Jeffster to spy for him, and he uses all of Hannah's interests to seduce her.  Just when his plan is working, Hannah reveals that Chuck went to Paris and Morgan suddenly stops.  He goes over to Chuck's and meets up with Ellie, who's beginning to suspect Awesome has been lying to her.  The two of them decide something is going on with Chuck but it's okay... Morgan has his best men spying on Chuck... Jeffster.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jeff [about Hannah]: I'm gonna totally hit that.
Lester: May the best stalker win.

Jeff [to Hannah]: Nice.
Chuck: Why don't we give jeff a couple minutes to realize he's in the real world.