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The episode opens with Chuck trying to earn the trust of two mafioso (Tony Sirico and Louis Lombardi).  Chuck apparently is pretending to be an assassin named Rafe Gruber and is being hired by the mafia to kill someone.  Chuck has to beat up a Shaw and Sarah and torture Casey (rip out a tooth!) in order to convince him.

Later, we find out the mafia hired Chuck to kill Shaw and they set him up with a sniper rifle from a nearby building (well far enough only five shooters in the world can make the shot).  Over in the other building, Sarah is with Shaw and Chuck overhears/sees Sarah admit her real name (Sam) and the two of them kiss.  Once Chuck witnesses, he tells the mafia that Shaw stole his girl and bullets are too good for him.  He's going over in person.

Chuck heads over to the building, and back in the mafia room the real Rafe comes in and kills them.  While Chuck fights with Shaw, Rafe comes in and beats up Shaw / Chuck (who is unable to flash).  Just as he's about to kill Sarah, Casey makes the impossible sniper shot and takes Rafe out.  The episode ends with Sarah and Shaw about to make some sweet sweet loving.

Meanwhile, Chuck has Hannah over for dinner with meet Awesome and Ellie.  Chuck actually had Shaw and Sarah prepare the meal and attempts to confide in Devon, who can't take anymore of the lies.  After the meal, Chuck and Hannah get it on.  However, when Chuck goes to meet Hannah's family at dinner, which takes place after the whole saving Sarah debacle, Chuck realizes they can never be together and dumps her.  But don't worry, not until after he hit it.  Jerk.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Are these things sterile? I take pride in my work. I want to kill him, not some secondary infection.


Jeffery, if you double dip we all may die.


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Song Living A Lie Daniel Zott
Faces in the dark Faces In The Dark The Generationals iTunes
A sleep be told A Sleep Be Told The Traditionist iTunes