Chuck Review: "Chuck Versus the Fake Name"

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Sam?  Really?  Definitely never saw her as a Sam.  She'll always be Sarah to us.  Oh sorry, we're talking about last night's episode of Chuck, in which an episode with an ironic name of "Chuck Versus the Fake Name" we potentially learned two characters' real names.

Chuck as Rafe Gruber

While Sarah clearly told Shaw her real name was Sam (we're hoping short for Samantha), Casey's flinch and Chuck's flash when the mafia recognized him as Alex Coburn is the only definitive proof we have on the other.

But either way, that's enough rambling about aliases, you came here for our Chuck review!  While we're used to just being thrown in the action at the start of an episode, for some reason this jump felt a little more disjointed than usual.

While we quickly got that Chuck was impersonated an assassin (Rafe Gruber), the overall plotline just never felt as put together as previous ones.  The mafia felt like a gratuitious excuse to hire Pauly Walnuts and could have easily been replaced by ring operatives and felt more Chuck.

That's definitely a minor complaint, becuase everyone was relying on this episode to solve one thing: the love quadrangle we were left with at the end of "Chuck Versus the Mask" and Chick's grueling three week hiatus.  Well fortunately for Chuck-Sarah fans, Chuck broke up with Hannah (but don't worry he, our stud hit it before he quit it).

Unfortunately, it looks like things are stronger between shaw and Sarah than ever.  Guest that can only mean one thing?  Shaw has got to die in the next couple episodes.  Sorry, Sarah, that's jus tthe way love works on Chuck.

While far from our favorite episode of the season, there was definitely enough comedy, Chuck being a decent spy, and Casey being even more of a bad ass than usual to still keep it entertaining.  We'll leave you with a few Chuck quotes and have you guys weigh in with your opinion.

Chuck: Are these things sterile? I take pride in my work. I want to kill him, not some secondary infection. | permalink
Lester: Jeffery, if you double dip we all may die. | permalink
Casey: Five people in the world can make this shot? Guess I'm one of them. | permalink

Chuck Versus the Fake Name Review

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Are these things sterile? I take pride in my work. I want to kill him, not some secondary infection.


Jeffery, if you double dip we all may die.


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