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Chuck flashes on Shaw's voice and chases him to the subway station where he discovers Shaw is definitely still alive.  Chuck and the gang discover Shaw's location with Stephen's help.

Meanwhile, Beckman is being interviewed by the CIA, who wants to shut down the program due to Chuck's instability.

The gang breaks into the CIA headquarters where Justin has Ellie and she witnesses Chuck knock him out.  Soon Chuck chases Justin into the very room where Beckman is being interviewed.  In there it's revealed who knows Chuck's brain is unstable... Shaw.

The CIA believes Shaw was a double agent who infiltrated the Ring for them.  Only Sarah and Chuck know the truth about what happened in Paris.  Chuck sees Shaw flash during the meeting and tries to prove that Shaw has an Intersect by throwing a knife at him.   When the knife hits Shaw and he doesn't stop it, the CIA takes Shaw awake and locks him up.

Stephen helps Chuck escape and convinces him the only way to keep Sarah safe is to run away.  Chuck initially does until he learns that Shaw led Sarah into a trap, putting her in custody.  Casey, meanwhile escapes Justin grasps and kidnaps a waitress who he reveals to be his daughter.  He ends up in custody with Sarah as well.

Chuck and his father head back to Ellie and use her meetings with Justin to figure out the location of the Ring headquarters.  They head in and discover proof of Shaw's Intersect. 

As they go to leave, Shaw and Justin are outside waiting and they end up killing Stephen and taking Chuck.  They throw him with Chuck in the back of a van.  It's all over for them because no one knows where they are... execept Ellie, Devon and Morgan.

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Chuck Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

You don't look so hot compared to your usual level of hotness. You lost a little sizzle.

Morgan [to Devon]

Jeff: That's my dream come true: Ellie is exactly like Chuck but with lady parts.