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Hot on the trail of Shaw and his captives, Morgan and Awesome accidentally fire a missile from Casey's car knocking the armored vehicle over and Shaw to the ground.  Shaw gets up, but everyone hops in Casey's car and drives away.

Through Beckman, the gang learns about a spy meeting where Shaw and the leaders of the Ring will be at.  They manage to trick Shaw during a presentation speech to warn the Ring elders and thus they are able to identify and capture them.  Chuck also manages to record Shaw's confession so he escapes out of the building.

Back at the Buy More, Big Mike learns they'll be closing the store due to low sales.  Without his sales managers and Chuck, he trusts in Jeffster who convince him to have a "going out of business" sale.  Although it seems to be a hit, corporate still shows up and wants it all shut down.

Shaw shows up at the Buy More during the chaos and plants a bomb.  When Morgan sees him, Shaw locks Morgan away.  Shaw demands that Chuck, who is incapacitated from the Intersect malfunctioning come and see him. 

Desperate to get everyone out of the store to save them from a potential explosion, Casey convinces Morgan to break his thumbs to set off the fire alarm.  Just as he breaks his thumbs, Jeffster sets off the fire alarm in order to clear out corporate and the mob.

Sarah shows up without Chuck and he quickly chains her to a post, just as Chuck shows up.  The two have a battle and its Chuck's memory of downloading the Intersect as a small child that helps his Intersect function long enough to beat up and capture Shaw.

Everyone has a nice dinner back at home as a proper send off for Stephen.  That's when Chuck gets a phone call and listens to a pre-recorded message from his father that admits he's been a spy the whole time, just not for the CIA.

Apparently Stephen has been a busy man fighting off various groups that are constantly trying to kill him, including his own ex-wife, Mary Elizabeth Bartowski.

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