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Chuck and Sarah are tired of having no new missions, until they realize Casey has been sneaking off on his own for the past couple of weeks.  They follow Casey and find him on a mission with two new partners.

Casey's new partners are two of the Gretas from the Buy More, who have been implanted with Intersects from Papa Bartowski's laptop.  Casey requests to take Chuck and Sarah along with his new team on their mission.  While out on the mission, both of the Gretas screw up and Chuck saves the day.

Sarah decides that she wants her dad's laptop back, so Awesome tells her that he gave it to Jeff and Lester, and they lost it.  After Robin Givens's character decides that only Bartowskis can handle the Intersect, she brings the laptop over to Ellie.


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Chuck Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Casey: You didn't wet yourself this time. That's an improvement.
Morgan: I didn't drink any water today.

Casey: Would you be willing to sacrifice your life to protect John Casey?
Morgan: My only regret is that I have one life to give.