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Vivian Volkoff finds a keycard which gets her access to her father's bank account. Team Bartowski helps her get into the bank to access the account.  All that she finds inside is a safe deposit box filled with pictures and clippings her father had of her.

Volkoff's lawyer tells Vivian that the CIA is using her and that he is the only one who can help her find out what her father was really like.  She doesn't want to believe him at first, but after the CIA goes back on its offer to let her see Volkoff, she leaves with the lawyer.

Morgan is still trying to find a new place to live. After Jeff and Lester screw up his online listing, he sleeps in the Buy More.  While there he finds Casey, who is working on something behind the walls of Castle.  Casey allows Morgan to stay at his place as long as the bearded one keeps Casey's secret.

Ellie is helping Sarah plan the wedding, but Sarah isn't into it.  Ellie tells her to find one thing that will get her excited, so Sarah does.  She picks out a dress and feels the magic of it all.  She is ready to get married to Chuck.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

You know what? New apartment, I'm gonna go no television. It'll be very liberating. Kidding, I'm totally kidding. 72 inches dude, bam!


Mr. Reilly: Nobody ever said no to your father.
Vivian: Then I'll be the first to do it.