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On this week's episode...

- Things open up in 1999, when Casey and his crew are on a mission.  The other three members decide to steal the gold they're supposed to bring back the U.S., so Casey takes them out and seals the gold in the vault.

- Alex surprises Morgan at the Buy More, but he hides her because he hasn't told Casey about them yet.

- In order to find Casey's old team, who will have information on Volkoff, chuck and the gang have to fake Casey's death.  Chuck makes Casey seem dead by using a paralyzing drug.

- Morgan is tasked with giving Casey's eulogy.  During his less than eloquent speech all three members of Casey's old crew show up.  They blow up the church and escape with Casey's paralyzed body.

- Casey comes out of his paralysis and takes out the three bad guys, but he is then drugged with a second dose of the paralysis drug.  Jeff and Lester go out to pick him up from the dumpster he hid in.

- Chuck and Sarah get caught by the bad guys, so Morgan has to wake Casey up to go save the day.  Morgan tells him he's dating Alex in order to get Casey out of his couch lock.

- Casey's old crew tells Chuck that Frost was actually their old boss.  She was Volkoff's right hand.

- Morgan and Casey find Chuck and Sarah.  Morgan saves them all by taking 10,000 volts and electrocuting the bad guys.

- Things end with Chuck getting a phone call from his mom.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Alex: Guess who?
Morgan: Ok, soft perfume hands. Sweet, sweet feminine voice. Ehh, Chuck. That's easy.

We're under strict orders from President Clinton to seal this place up. While I may not like him, or his mouthy wife, those are the orders.