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Chuck and Sarah's awkward ring situation from the last episode led even more awkward behavior between the to love birds.

Awesome and Ellie are dealing with Ellie's pregnancy before guys from Costa Gravas come to offer Awesome a trip to the Palace.

Chuck and Sarah join the happy couple so that they can increase their level of conversation, but of course Chuck flashes on something and trouble ensues.

After the guys save the Generalisimo, they bring him back to Burbank to stay at Casey's house for protection.

The guys find out that Costa Gravas is nuclear, so they have to go back to take care of business.

Morgan likes Casey's daughter Alex, but doesn't know how to go about it.  He enlists Big Mike to help him with the situation.  Alex makes her move and they kiss.

Chuck breaks down and tells Ellie that he is currently searching for their mother.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Awesome (to Ellie's stomach): This is one of daddy's favorite jams for tri-blasting.
Ellie: Devon, do you know you haven't addressed me in over an hour?

Morgan: In a world filled with awkward Chuck and Sarah moments, there was a moment so awkward...
Chuck: Morgan! Please don't torture me.