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This week on Chuck...

- Morgan is getting accustomed to his new role as Buy More manager and preparing for the release of the next big video game.

- Sarah and Casey bond over family issues while kick boxing.

- A couple of prisoners are brought to the Buy More CIA base.  They are Stone Cold as Hugo and Nicole Richie as Heather.

- Big Mike returns to the Buy More and is proud of Morgan for becoming manager, but he wants to help out with the game launch.

- Chuck flashes on Heather and finds out she is part of Intersect 2.0.  He decides it's a good idea to interrogate her with Sarah.  While they're doing so, Hugo escapes and kills a bunch of guards.

- He then tries to get to Chuck, but Casey helps him, Sarah and Heather escape before Hugo opens the door to their cell.

- Hugo finally catches up with the crew and Chuck takes him out by sending him down an air duct.  Heather tries to escape as well but Sarah knocks her out.

- In preparation of transferring Hugo and Heather, the helicopter is filled with Volkoff's men and they get ambushed.

- The Buy More customers go wild when they find out the games never showed up, and Lester's poetry failed to keep them entertained.  Big Mike steps in to stop the riot and stops Hugo while he's at it.

- Before Heather leaves, she give Chuck and Sarah they wanted on Frost, which should help in finding Chuck's mom.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Sarah: We don't have the authority to interrogate Chandler.
Chuck: Well we don't have the authority to use the supply closet for what it is we use it for, but we do it anyway. Don't we?

You're acting awful bitchie Burton, or whatever it is you go by.