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Chuck, looking for answers, visits his mom who's locked up at Castle.  Mama B sends Chuck to meet her handler at MI-6, Gregory Tuttle.  Chuck takes Morgan along to be his eyes and ears on his meeting with Tuttle.

While Morgan is drying off his water drenched ear piece, Chuck and Tuttle are captured by Volkoff's henchmen.  After waking up tied up on an airplane, Chuck takes out all the henchmen and they skydive out of the plane.

Sarah and Casey bring Mary to see Ellie so they can talk.  The two of them have a heart to heart in which Mary talks about Papa B's '68 Mustang with blue leather seats.  Exactly the same car that Ellie's been seeing in the Classifieds day after day.

Chuck and Tuttle get the disks that prove Mama B is not a trader, but Volkoff's men come to get them and a major fight ensues.  Tuttle gets shot and Chuck, Sarah and Mary leave him to get to the computer in O'Rion's base so they can decode the disks.

The disks end up being empty, Mama B plays a crazy intersect-like video for Chuck to watch, and Tuttle shows up announcing that he is actually Volkoff.  Mama B helps Chuck and Sarah escape before Volkoff blows up O'Rion's base.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Morgan: You know a couple's first fight actually sets the tone for all future arguments. Trust me, I'm going through it right now myself.
Chuck: You and Alex?
Morgan: No me and Casey actually.

Mary: Morgan Grimes. I haven't seen you since you were nine years old.
Morgan:You know what? I haven't had a decent rice krispie treat since.