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Team Bartowski goes on a mission to recover the heir to the Volkoff empire before an assassin kills her.  The gang finds her, saves her, only to find out she is in fact Volkoff's long lost daughter.

Casey has been given remedial tasks time and time again for Team Bartowski, this time he poses as bartender yet again.  An NCS agent proposes that Casey come work for them and head up his own team.  The Colonel says he's not leaving Burbank, but doesn't turn her down.

Morgan realizes that he needs to grow up and move out of Chuck and Sarah's apartment.  Now that he has a steady girlfriend, and Chuck is engaged, he decides to pack up and move out.

Ellie and Awesome have trouble staying sane with baby Clara crying all night.  They find a song that keeps her asleep, but that song on repeat makes Mommy and Daddy Awesome a little bit crazy also.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Look who's talking, you live in Charah's apartment.

Casey [to Morgan]

Quick question, G.B. This party, is there a theme that we should dress towards?