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The team found out that Morgan defected to Verbanski, and stole the zip drive with their latest mission on it.  Morgan continued to get more egomaniacal and Chuck was worried about him.

The team heads to Buy More to retrieve the drive and potentially help Morgan.  The first plan is a success, but the second is a failure as Morgan can't be reasoned with.

Both Verbanski and Carmichael show up to complete the mission.  At first they team up to stop Zorn, but then Chuck makes it his mission to get his friend back.  He helps Morgan remember who he really is, and the bearded boy finally does.  Morgan is back to normal and wants to get the intersect out of his head.

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Perving out on Gertrude. Weird move Casey.


Becky! Your core is really tight.

Morgan (to Beckman)