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The gang started their own spy company, Carmichael Industries, but they don't like that they're mostly doing work for dirt bags.  They take on a case to take down a rich Ponzi Schemer.  Morgan plays the lead as the new intersect and orchestrates an invite to the mark's house party.


Once there, Morgan, Sarah, and Casey get caught, leaving intersect-less Chuck to save the day.  He immediately comes up with a plan to save the crew, and executes it perfectly.  The problem is that the CIA was able to crack into the mark's computers after Chuck disarmed them, tracked Carmichael Industry's involvement back to their bank account and froze all of their money.


Carmichael Industries was left with the Buy More and Castle.  They now need to run the Buy More effectively in order to keep their spy business alive.

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Chuck Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

We're still working out the kinks.


I want it noted that I took out six of their guys.