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Chuck needs to save Sarah from Vivian's shot of the Norseman.  Alexi Volkoff is the only one with the antidote, but he was captured by Clyde Decker of the CIA and turned back into Hartley Winterbottom.  Hartley attempts to help, but his original antidote isn't strong enough to save Sarah.

Chuck and Hartley head to Volkoff Industries to attempt to get the new antidote that Alexi had made.  At first Hartley is too afraid to face his daughter Vivian, but finally decides to see her.  With his help, and Chuck's, Vivian decides to give them the antidote.  Chuck saves Sarah, and they make it safely to their wedding.

As a wedding present Volkoff gives Chuck and Sarah 800 some odd million dollars - the money Volkoff Industries was worth.  Team Bartowski gets fired by Clyde Decker and the CIA, but decides to keep working as free lance spies.  Morgan tries on a pair of sunglasses and downloads an intersect of his own.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 24 Quotes

That guy might think he's a hard ass, but I'm the intersect.


We're gonna get married and be together, forever. I love you.