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Roller spooks Desna when he talks about moving in with her. Desna wants her crew to stay away from the casino. She tells them Roller wants to move in. They encourage her to reconnect with her father to help with her distrust of men. Virginia tries to get Dean to come home but he refuses. Uncle Daddy gives Bryce an "ultimatorium": work with Brenda or quit. Bryce quits. Clay is falling for Brenda, to Toby's dismay. Polly has secretly continued her protection business with Joe. Desna goes to meet her father Calvin but he blows her off. Melba tells Mac to cut Dean loose. Yolanda, who had a relationship with Joe, wants a piece of Polly's extortion action or she'll tell Mac and Melba. Desna confronts Mac about Dean but gets tossed by security. Calvin comes to the salon. Virginia helps out at the rehab center. Calvin and Desna agree to work together to save Dean. Calvin sits at Dean's table during the mah-jongg tournament. Mac gets suspicious of Calvin. Dean loses and asks Calvin to leave. Quiet Ann suggests Bryce fix the situation with Jenn and Brenda so he can return to work at the rehab center. Desna tells Dean that Calvin is their father. They bribe Dean with a private tour of the Saratoga Contemporary Arts Institute. Calvin and Dean share an interest in architecture. Desna invites Roller to move in. Mac tries to bribe Calvin to leave Dean alone but Calvin refuses. Polly finds Yolanda hanging. Uncle Daddy and Bryce stage an intervention for Jenn and Brenda. Virginia helps them to heal. Polly breaks up with Joe because he's dangerous. Melba drugs Calvin and he appears to relapse. Dean returns to the casino. Quiet Ann got pregnant during her one-night stand. Desna figures out Melba dosed Calvin. 

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Claws Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Roller, every man in my life has disappointed me, failed me, and left me, starting with my damn Daddy.


Desna: Crybaby. I know you like pain.
Roller: Hey! You're savage, D. That's why you're the boss.