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Flashbacks show a younger Tandy practicing her ballet, and a younger Tyrone finger-wrestling with Billy. Tandy wants to be a dancer more than anything. Tyrone wants to be big and strong like his brother.

The flashbacks chronicle the day of the oil rig explosion.

Detective O'Reilly passed her psych evaluation after her shooting Duane. Fuschs calls Brigid his "girlfriend."

Tandy visits Ivan Hess in the hospital and passes Scarborough in the hallway. Ivan doesn't remember a lot about the night, but he does know that he and Nathan Bowen thought the energy being dug was toxic. 

Nathan Bowen had written a letter to Roxxon Corp warning them abotu their faulty equipment at the oil rig. Ivan warns Tandy about digging since Roxxon is dangerous.

Melissa looks clean and healthy. She's sobered up for the memorial tradition of Nathan's death.

Tandy is looking for her father's hidden safety deposit box. In the box will be a copy of the letter. They look through a box of his old things and finds a key.

Tandy visits Tyrone to check up on him since its the day of the anniversary. Tyrone's family isn't doing anything to memoralize Billy. Tandy invites him to join her and Melissa.

Tandy steals Adina's work pass.

A flashback shows a young Tandy waiting for her parent after a ballet class.

Connors does a police sketch of the person who witnessed the shooting of Duane. The sketch looks exactly like Tyrone.

The Red Hawks visit Otis's home to check out the place, and to do an informal celebration for Billy. Otis holds Billy's block and he wells up with tears.

Brigid tells Tyrone to lay low since he created a sketch. Tyrone refuses as he wants to get Connors busted.

A flashback shows a young Tyrone walking the street alone. He finds Clarisse conducting a voodoo tour in New Orleans. He's holding Tandy's ballet slipper.

Tandy has the letter from her father to Roxxon. She plans to break into Roxxon. Meanwhile, Tyrone creates a bloody shirt to pretend to be Billy.

Tyrone tells Fuschs and Brigid his plan to scare Connors. He's going to push Connors to the point of confessing the crime. He tells tells the two detectives about his "power."

A flashback shows the younger Tandy calling the police to help Melissa after she's drunk on wine and pills.

Tandy breaks into Roxxon Corp, disables the power, and holds Peter Scarborough captive with the white blade to his neck.

Tyrone and Brigid lure Connors deeper into the shipping yard. Tyrone uses his cloak powers to torment Connors; he teleports closer and closer before pretending to be Billy.

Connors confesses to "Billy" that he shot him dead after the explosion. Fuschs video tapes the confession and Brigid arrests him for the murder of Billy Johnson.

Tandy presents her evidence to Scarborough about the missing heat shield, Greg's death, and the infected workers. Scarborough is willing to pay Tandy off so that their lives will change. Tandy refuses and breaks through a beam with her blade.

The relationship heats up between Brigid and her boyfriend.

Tyrone is at peace now that he got Connors' confession. He joins Tandy and Melissa at the beach for Nathan's memorial. They have a moment of silence for their lost loved ones.

Tandy and Tyrone are transported to the fear world where they find Melissa sitting in an empty movie theater. A movie plays that shows Melissa and Nathan happily together in their home.

Tandy cuts into the screen and they're transported to the real memory. Nathan used to hit Melissa; the memory is of an instance where she spilled coffee on pieces of Roxxon papers.

A flashback shows Melissa comforting a younger Tandy and telling her to rely on herself.

Tandy calls back Peter Scarborough and she decides to take the money instead of clearing her father's name. She hides money inside a statue of Mary in the church.

A flashback shows a younger Tyrone overhearing his mother telling his father that she doesn't feel safe anymore.

Brigid arrives home and finds Fuschs dead inside the refrigerator.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Fuchs: Is it Connors. Do you think he has more to do with it?
[She eats the pancakes]
Brigid: These are good.
Fuchs: Yeah?! There’s more where that came from.
Brigid: Really?
Fuchs: I like making my girlfriend pancakes.
Brigid: I’m your girlfriend?
Fuchs: You are eating the pancakes.
[She stops eating]
Brigid: I want to take down Connors.
Fuchs: No... we are.

Melissa: I know you haven’t been showing up to the memorial tradition these last few years...
Tandy: Mom, I want to be there.
Melissa: Really?
Tandy: Yeah, really.
Melissa: Then we’ll need the perfect balloon. What should we get?
Tandy: Anything, just not like that one time you had the bar mitzvah balloon.
Melissa: That was pretty hilarious.
Tandy: Up into the sky to honor Dad’s memory.
Melissa: Mazel tov!
Tandy: You know what, I’ll get the balloon.