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Clarisse performs her spitting ritual and drawing runes around New Orleans.

The priest's lesson during class is about heroes.

Tandy burns a photo of her father. She crushes pills from her stash.

Brigid O'Reilly is distraught over the death of Fuchs. She notices blood on an umbrella and finds the murder weapon hidden behind the couch.

Otis, Adina, and Tyrone are informed about Connors' confession. They leave the police station as an investigation still needs to be made. Tyrone is mad that his parents aren't reacting; Adina and Otis are numb to what they heard.

Evita finds Clarisse drunk in her apartment; Clarisse warns of an impending disaster caused by Roxxon. "The divine pairing" will be the ones to stop the disaster. Clarisse urges Evita to ask Tyrone for the truth.

Tandy uses her powers to steal the hope from an unsuspecting guy she drugged.

Evita tries to talk to Tyrone, but he's going through the motions. Tyrone beats up one of his basketball teammates. Adina, also grieving, yells at one of her employees.

Ivan Hess is working through his rehabilitation from the coma; he's progressed far in walking again.

The priest makes Tyrone conduct a spontaneous history quiz in retaliation for fighting. He forces Tyrone to hold up books until he talks.

Mina offers Tandy a job at Roxxon Corp in her department. Tandy steals some of Mina's hope when they shake hands. Mina has been changed; she kills a bee in retaliation.

Brigid heavily drinks in a bar.

Tandy gets Liam out of jail by posting his bail. She invites him to the church to see her home; she talks about marriage and the future. Liam is in disbelief that Tandy ever talked about those things.

Tandy wants to build a life with Liam. She views Liam's hopes and he wants to marry Tandy in a church.

Tyrone spits the priest by saying he doesn't believe in God. He misses a punch, but he ends up viewing the priest's fears. He caused the death of a kid during a drunk driving incident.

Tandy attempts to steal Liam's hope, but Tyrone is transported to the dream world and stops her.

Connors appears in the bar to make a toast to Fuchs. Brigid takes the back breaker from the wall and hits him over the head. He avoids the brunt of the attack and beats up Brigid in front of everyone.

Tandy visits Tyrone's school to yell at him for stopping her. Evita steps in between them, but Tandy touches Evita to steal her hope of being a doctor. Evita is aware of the dream world and pushes her out; she deduces that Tandy is the other pairing.

Tyrone chastises Tandy for stealing hopes. She yells at him to get his reality in line.

Evita creates a white doll to match the 3D-printed figure of Tyrone.

Liam is missing from the church; so is the money hidden in the Mary statue.

Mina witnesses a pipe exploding and the two workers being infected by the energy. They become "Terrors."

Brigid overhears a police call that Fuchs' killer was identified.

Adina tells Tyrone that he was reckless for getting the confession from Connors. She doesn't want Tyrone to die like Billy.

Tyrone is framed for the murder of Fuchs.

Tandy returns home to talk to her mother about her father. Craig's killer (the watercooler attendent) has Melissa held at gunpoint and shoots at Tandy. The assassin was sent by Peter Scarborough and wants Tandy to sacrifice herself or Melissa will be killed.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Liam: What is up with you?
Tandy: What do you mean?
Liam: Saying nice things. You’re talking about marriage.
Tandy: Yeah, so?
Liam: When is that you? It’s so normal?
Tandy: You know the dreams I dread before I go to sleep. The good ones... the happy ones... the hopeful ones. Because then you wake up and you’re back to your own life. I realize something when I was without you: It’s my own fault. I’m the reason I dread those dreams because I’m not doing anything to make my life any better.
[She reaches over and grab his hands]
Tandy: It’s gonna stop. I wanna build a life. A happy one. Finally.

Tyrone: Have you even talked to your mom about this?
Tandy: No, but you know what, we’re both on the same page. “If you don’t hurt, you get hurt.”
Tyrone: That’s not how I see it.
Tandy: You will if you ever grow up. And learn that there is nothing you can ever do to bring your big bro back.
Tyrone: Well, excuse me if I don’t take wellness advice from the Brown family.
[Tandy places the white dagger to his throat]
Tandy: Screw you, Tyrone!
Tyrone: I’ll see you in your dreams.