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A body is nestled in the bushes and it's surrounded by fireflies.

Police detectives investigate the ballet alley crime the next morning. Tandy and Tyrone are still in shock over their use of powers the night before.

Tandy tells Liam about stabbing the rich kid the previous night. She wants to leave town, but they call the emergency room to see if the guy is alive or dead.

The school counselor tries to give Tyrone advice about moving on, but Tyrone wants to seek revenge against the cop.

Evita and Tyrone have a text session during their morning chapel at school. He sneaks away from the building to spy on a car.

Tyrone's mother, Adina, points a gun outside her home.

Brigid, the police detective, searches through the phone to find his friends from the alley. Tandy, in the meanwhile, goes with Liam to get fake documents to escape New Orleans.

Melissa, Tandy's mother, steals her bag of money, drugs and swag. Tandy runs away from home because she can't deal with her mother's recklessness of doing drugs.

Tyrone is punished by his basketball coach for being late to practice. He does sprints at night to redeem himself for letting his team down.

Liam and Tandy head to a wedding to steal money for her new documentation. Unfortunately, Brigid is hot on her trails with a sketch at the ready.

Tandy's dagger starts glowing at the wedding.

A few of Tyrone's basketball teammates corner him in the locker room and start beating him up. He gets locked in the storage room.

Tandy experiences a vision of her and Liam talking about how they met each other. She breaks down and cries in the bathroom; the maid of honor gives her some advice to cheer her up.

Liam and Tandy steal the wedding envelopes (and the wedding car).

Adina gives helpful advice to her son to show that she cares. Tyone experiences a strange nightmare in a grocery store from his mother's point-of-view.

Liam reveals that he knows that Tandy is living in the church. He wants to help her. Tandy takes off running.

Brigid arrests Liam.

Tyrone breaks into Connor's home and holds him at gunpoint. As he shoots at the cop, he vanishes and appears in front of Tandy; he shoots the gun and she crashes her car.

Cloak and Dagger
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