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Woman is the getaway driver for a bank robbery, but her, along with a cop and several others, are transported to Andre's jazz club.

Tandy and Tyrone can hear the trumpet music playing in the wind. "Andre" is laying unconscious on the ground.

Mayhem goes to Mina for help investigating her dual side with Brigid. Mina is still remorseful about being turned into a "Terror" during the outbreak. After Mina does a brain scan on Mayhem, she disappears too.

Tandy and Tyrone visit Evita for help in getting to Andre. Evita opens a gate for them to enter into, but if the candle goes out before they get back, Tandy and Tyrone will be trapped in the Darkforce forever.

The viewfinder has been destroyed at the gas station. Tyrone encourages Tandy to believe in herself and create a sigil for creating a path. She makes a sigil with coins; they're teleported to the mall.

Evita performs her ritual, but there's a strange force looming around her in the church. The dark forces try to blow out the flame and attack Evita; however, Mayhem knocks out the shadow demon.

Tandy and Tyrone walk through the mirror of possibilities; they appear on the other side in their Cloak & Dagger superhero outfits.

Mayhem fights multiple shadow men.

The record store is completely empty of any vinyls. Tandy and Tyone find Andre performing his show in front of all the kidnapped people, including Melissa and Mikayla. Andre transports them to scenarios of despair.

Tandy is faced with the return of her father Nathan, while Tyrone is faced with her preppy past. "Preppy Tyrone" chastises current Tyrone for giving his bright future away for nothing. Nathan wants to explain his side of the story, but Tandy doesn't believe him.

Tandy and Tyrone are dragged back into conflicts with their enemies after breaking free of Andre's spell. They keep calling out to each other to reunite. Tandy and Tyrone fight each others' demons instead.

One of the shadow men us revealed to be Fuchs.

Tyrone defeats Nathan; Andre transports him to the costume closet to fight the other Tyrone. Before Tandy delivers the final blow to Preppy Tyrone, Andre transports her to the motel to face Nathan.

Tandy transforms her white dagger into a sword. She slashes a "Z" on his chest and he disappears. Tyrone sends his doppelganger into the darkness.

Tandy sends out hope daggers to heal Melissa, Mikayla, and Mina. Tyrone steals Andre's trumpet.

Evita knocks out the shadow men after they hit Mayhem.

Tandy emerges from Tyrone's cloaked dagger to plunge the sword into Andre. Mikayla, Melissa, and Mina hold him back so that Tyrone and Tandy can view into his despair.

Tandy plays one of Andre's records for him to feel despair; she scratches the vinyl with her dagger to place it on repeat.

Tandy and Tyrone emerge from the Darkforce. Tandy needs a favor from Mayhem. Evita blows out the candle and walks away  from Tyrone without speaking to him.

Post-battle scenes show a news report shows Connors' senator uncle being arrested, Tandy and Melissa are packing a bag, Lia in jail picking up trash on the side of the road, and Evita conducting her tours in the graveyard. Tyrone is cleared of his charges.

Father Delgado cleans up his act and throws out the record containing Andre's first migraine.

Mayhem places Connors' dead body in the police shooting range for people to discover. His body has "guilty" taped to it. The cops don't look too worried.

Solomon refuses to sell drugs to a man who has kids in the backseat of his car.

Tandy packs her bag and gets on a bus; Tyrone joins her on the trip. The pair are moving to New York City for a while to be superheroes and help solve crimes. They interlock fingers as the bus drives away.

A tribute is made to Stan Lee at the end of the episode.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Tandy: Do you think we can do it?
Tyrone: What’s that?
Tandy: Be good … be heroes … be divine impaired in other places?
Tyrone: Let me answer that question with another question.
Tandy: And what question is that?
Tyrone: Waffles or pancakes?
[They stare at each other and smile]
Tandy: Waffles, duh.
[Tyrone offers his hand and Tandy interlocks her fingers with his]

Evita: First, we look at the past.
[Evita deals out the cards]
Evita: Ancient Loa made rare allowing responsible mortals into their ranks.
[She deals more cards]
Evita: It seems some force has been given all the power with none of the responsibility.
Tandy: That would be Andre.
Evita: Despair. That’s all I see in his future.