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Someone is playing the trumpet in one of the motel rooms. Tandy is lying unconscious on the bed.

Tyrone and Brigid deduce that Tandy fought the drug dealers in the grow house.

Andre reveals to Tandy that the only way he can survive is to share his pain with others. She can't channel her powers without hope; Andre left her with only darkness and emptiness.

Connors is tied to a chair in Adina's kitchen. Adina plans to cook something to work out her anger and stress over having Connors near. She might kill him if she can't stand the sight of him.

Lia introduces Tandy to Dell, another girl trapped in the motel. The kidnapped girls are living without hope and working as maids/slaves for the group. The girls have been brainwashed to not leave the motel.

Tyrone searches the community center and bumps into Andre. Andre won't help Tyrone contact Lia or reach out to Tandy. Tyrone shakes his hand and experiences a bad feeling of Andre; Andre plays a record trying to manipulate Tyrone to resent Tandy.

Dell tells Tandy about her family abandoning her and how the other girls don't get to see Andre's room much.

Connors tells Adina about how he ended up at the dock and the aftermath of contacting the senator to help him. He notices a utensil on the kitchen table.

Andre explores Tyrone's vinyls and it leads him to Chantelle. He aks her to explain the marking in Tyrone's mind. In the record store, Mayhem watches him from behind a wall.

Tandy tries to escape, but one of the guards stops her before she can leave. Dell snitched on her to Lia. As punishment, Dell blew smoke from her hit onto Tandy's face.

Connors tries to take the corkscrew, but Otis and Adina arrive to break it up. Adina wants to know where Connors hid Billy's body.

Mayhem removes the negative vinyl from the record player; she plays something more uplifting in Tyrone's mind. A streetcar of ballet dancers arrive.

In a drug-fueled haze, Lia tells Tandy about how she met Andre. Lia dresses up Tandy and leaves her on a bed.

Mayhem plays a vinyl that makes Tyrone hear and see many ambulances.

Chantelle is hesitant to tell Andre what the marker means; she sees through his lies. He grabs her to play a record, but he finds the record store a mess and Chantelle sitting in the store.

Chantelle says the marker is the lock toward being a god.

Tyrone spraypaints a giant sigil for Papa Legba. He teleports to one of the ambulance drivers and demands to know Tandy's location.

Dell warns Tandy that the girls who escaped are either killed or locked up. Tandy reveals that she saved all the girls who were supposed to arrive days earlier.

Chantelle warns Andre that he should leave the lock alone and walk away; she doesn't think he can show mercy. Andre resists the urge to harm her.

Adina doesn't believe Connors when he says that he doesn't know about Billy. She breaks down because she just wants to bury her son. Connors reveals that he buried Billy in a horse stall at the fairground.

Chantelle is unconscious on the floor as a vinyl plays with the marking on it.

Dell steals the guard's phone. She discovers the truth about the kidnapped girls and that her mother had placed missing flyers around the city.

As Dell stands up to Lia, Tandy overhears and gains hope again. She draws her dagger when one of the patrons plans to rape her. Tandy beats up the rapist and knocks out Lia.

Tyrone causes the ambulance to crash into the motel. Tandy and Tyrone go through the motel and beat up the rapists and guards to free the girls.

Mayhem plays vinyls in the record store and destroys a bunch of them.

Tyrone collapses as his body overflows with shadows. They inadvertently teleport back to the church.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Tandy: Where’s Tyrone?
Andre: It’s possible that your heart is confused as well. That friend of yours ... he’s gone from your life, remember? I shot him dead.
Tandy: No. You’re just messing with me. Just like you did with Michayla, right? Because that’s what you do, right? You get in their minds and cause them cause.
Andre: I don’t cause anyone’s pain. I understand it, feel for it, commiserate it with mine. It’s the only way to tap down my migraines.
Tandy: So this is all so you can blow your horn?
Andre: This is so I can survive. The world saddled me with so much pain; the only way I can keep on is to share it from time to time.
Tandy: That’s sick.
Andre: That’s America, Tandy Bowen.

Adina: I know you’re the best way to make sure that Tyrone never has to look over his shoulder ever again.
Connors: That’s all I want as well ... justice.
Adina: You have to understand the irony in that statement ... given that you murdered my first-born in cold blood.
Connors: Yes, ma’am.
Adina: He was one of your other wrongs?
Connors: He was.
Adina: I’m going hold onto these two thoughts in my head. I’m gonna reconcile them, I’m gonna cook, and we’re gonna talk. And we’ll see ... we’ll see if your value to Tyrone outweighs the need for me to end your life for what you did to Billy.