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Someone plays one of Tandy's vinyls from the Darkforce record store. The scene plays out in a dream world where Billy and Nathan Bowen survived; they come to pick up little Tandy and Tyrone from the beach.

An older Tandy gives Tyrone a speech at his party; Connors appears at the party too. The celebration is for Tyrone making it onto the police force.

In Tandy's dream world, she's a dancer at the New York City Ballet. She panics as Nathan reaches for a piece of confetti on Melissa.

Tandy and Tyrone reminisce about how they met and how it positively changed their lives. Tyrone agrees with Tandy's opinion that they saved each others' lives.

The racist store owner thinks that Tyrone is trying to rob him after seeing his police gun. As Tandy reaches to show Tyrone's badge, the owner misses his gunshot. Tandy and Tyrone's powers manifest after they reach for each other.

Someone plays a new record; the scene changes to show Tandy as an engineer for Roxxon. Tandy suffers a headache hearing sirens in her head.

In the new world, Nathan is alive, an abuser, and living in Silicon Valley. Tandy is being sent to an oil rig to check the status. Tyrone is an oil rig worker and Mina is a supervisor.

One of the storage doors is designed similarly to ambulance doors.

Tandy has lost the love for engineering and science. Her mother had to call every favor to help Tandy get the job at Roxxon.

Tandy discovers the oil rig has accumulated critical levels of pressure. After Mina refuses to believe her concerns, the oil ring enters a state of emergency as the heat rises. Their powers once again manifest as they touch.

As Tandy uses her blade to free Mina from a pipe, Lia drugs her in the real world to quell her powers.

Someone plays a new record; the new scene has Tandy as an environmentalist protestor. Liam is dating Michayla; he is more buttoned-up than bad boy.

Tandy is still a grifter and stole his wallet. Light touches of ambulance reds and blues surround the screen.

Tyrone is a criminal who stole a car with a screwdriver. The pair make a break for it as Liam and the cops rush after them. Tandy is also an addict; Billy was one too, but he never got clean.

Tandy freaks out because she knew Tyrone's, Michayla's, and Liam's names. An ambulance chases them down the highway; it transforms into a group of police cars.

Someone appears in the middle of the street; Tandy swerves the car and her daggers appear.

Back in the ambulance, Lia and Andre are concerned because Tandy is too strong.

In the Darkforce, Andre is revealed to be the one playing Tandy's records.

The next record is a repeat of the environmentalist scene that Tandy just experienced. This time Tandy sees Andrew cloaked, but she draws her weapon and Tyrone isn't around to help her.

Tandy runs into a door and ends up in the oil rig scenario. Mina lashes at her; she blames Tandy for all the chaos happening in their scenario.

Tandy runs into the next scene, which is Tyrone's party. The worlds start to blend as she's still wearing her engineer outfit. There are markings all over the wall.

Tandy stands up to Nathan Bowen and ends up teleporting to the record store. Andre got infected during the same rig explosion. He gained new powers to cleanse his sorrows, grief and pain.

Andre takes 10% of people he helps who are unsaveable to give them inner pain so that it can clear his own.

Tandy breaks a record to free herself of the Darkforce realm.

Tandy warns Tyrone and Brigid of Andre and Lia. Brigid gets the police involved as a sting operation, but Tandy and Tyrone surprise Lia and Andre.

Lia tries holding Michayla as a hostage, but she gets scared and runs after seeing the white dagger.

Andre shoots Tyrone several times. Tyrone dies in Tandy's arms, but the death is shown to be a ruse. Andre created a makeshift record for the entire previous scene.

Andre manipulates Tandy into giving up so that she won't cause Tyrone's death.

Tandy ends up in the same dark hopelessness as the other kidnapped girls. The ambulance drivers wheel her out to the motel.

Cloak and Dagger
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Cloak and Dagger Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tandy: So, what? You get inside peoples’ heads? Make them feel pain so it can take away yours?
Andre: Ninety percent of the time, the people that come my way are helped. I give them counseling, choices, shelter ... but the other 10%, they can’t be helped. So they help me.
Tandy: You’re despicable.

Andre: It’s too late. He’s dead.
Tandy: I’m so sorry!
Andre: I’m sorry too. He’d still be alive if you hadn’t brought him into this. You hurt everyone you touch. Now is the time to give up before you hurt someone else.
[Tandy hands Andre her white dagger]