Rock On!  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5
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Johnny isn't a fan of Miguel's therapy. He tries to help in his way. 

 Chozen approaches Daniel after a tense few moments and bows. 

Kreese tells Robby a bit about Johnny when he was younger, but Robby isn't interested. He tells him that Miyagi do was good for tournaments but not the real world and he should learn to strike first.

Sam is still training the Miyagi do kids but Amanda and Anthony catch her.  Amanda tries to lecture but Sam reminds her that she has no idea what's going on.

Kumiko called Chozen so that he and Daniel can talk. She insists that Chozen has changed. 

Chozen gives him a tour and shows him a dojo. They studied the same technique because their mentors had the same mentor. Daniel wants to see the Miyagi artifacts but Chozen regards him as a foreigner. 

 Robby does research on Kreese. He goes to email Sam but his bully unplugs and threatens him again.

Hawk and Cobra Kai go to Chris' job and wreaks havoc. Sam is on her way.

Johnny attempts more ridiculous stunts to get Miguel to move his legs again including setting him on fire. Trying to trigger a fight or flight response.

Chozen and Daniel fight. Chozen wants to see if Miyagi taught Daniel everything which he hasn't. 

Chozen uses pressure points and Daniel asks Chozen to teach him. 

Johnny sees Carmen crying and tries to offer support. She says she wants to see Miguel smile again, and he offers to take Miguel out for a few hours. 

 Sam and Miyagi Do show up at the arcade for payback against cobra kai.  They start fighting and Miyagi Do has the edge until Tory and more Cobra Kai members show up and Sam is triggered.

Robby takes on his bully by striking first and they get into a whole brawl in the hallway until the COs come.

Sam chokes and has an anxiety attack when Tory shows up and Hawk, egged on by Tory and the rest of Cobra Kai breaks Demetri's arm.

Chozen tells Daniel of the shame he felt. Daniel forgives him. But why is Daniel so willing to give Chozen the benefit of the doubt and recognize that Chozen was a product of his teachings but not Johnny?

Johnny sneaks Miguel into a Dee Snider concert. They have drinks and rock out and Miguel's foot starts tapping.

Sam breaks down to Amanda.

Yuna, the girl he saved during the typhoon is the head of sales. She's going to save LaRusso dealership.  

 Amanda goes to Cobra Kai and confronts Kreese. She smacks him and tells him that she's shutting him down.

Carmen is thrilled that Miguel can move his foot. 

 Johnny finally goes on Facebook to see his tagged photo from the concert, and he sees Ali's friend acceptance. He looks at her page and sees her for the first time in years. 


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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

If an enemy insists on war, then you take away their ability to wage it. 


Amanda: Look, Sam, I don't know what's going on with you.
Sam: No. You don't.  And if you really think that Karate is the problem, then you haven't been paying attention.