Johnny in the Slammer  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 1
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San Fernando 1965 flashback to Kreese bussing tables and dealing with bullies as a teen. His mother committed suicide. He shows interest in an army pamphlet.

Kreese instructs cobra kai that the brawl at the high school was embarrassing and promises vengeance for Miguel.

Miguel wakes up asks Carmen for Johnny.

Daniel takes Johnny to the rehab facility that Shannon, Robby's mother, has been in hopes that she can help them find Robby.

She sends them after Robby's old friends.

Kreese gets a pet snake and makes them feed a rat to the snake. Those who didn't want to do it are kicked off the team.

Hawk is worried about losing more people but Kreese tells him he has a plan and also that he needs a new champion. Hawk thinks it's him but Kreese is talking about Tory, who is taking care of her mother and brother. 

   Tory's landlord gives her the option of sex since she is late on rent and threatens to contact her probation officer when she almost breaks his wrist.

Johnny and Daniel go to see Robby's friends in juvie and they give him the rundown on where they used to scam.

Doctor checks Miguel out and Miguel can't feel things in his legs. He tells Carmen to step outside and tells her the news in front of the open window where Miguel can see his mother crying. 

Johnny and Daniel update Amanda on what's happening.

Kreese goes to see tory and tries to get her to come back. He connects with her on their rough childhoods with sick moms trying to make ends meet. He tells her he'll pay her dues for the dojo.

In a flashback, Kreese sees David, his bully smacking around his girlfriend Betsy. He tries to do something about it. He beats them up.

Daniel and Johnny see the missing Dodge caravan and a man driving it.Johnny leads them on a high-speed chase after the guy.

They find him at a chop shop where they end up fighting multiple guys and then bickering and fighting each other when Johnny gets too aggressive with a man after gaining information. They part ways. 

   Kreese threatens Tory's landlord and makes an arrangement. 

   Johnny sneaks into the hospital again to see Miguel. Miguel tells him he may not walk again lashes out and kicks Johnny out.

Robby shows up to see his mother and she calls Daniel.

Daniel talks to Robby and the cops come to arrest him. Robby feels like Daniel betrayed him.


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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Diaz was one of our own. What they did to him, they did to all of us, and it will not go unanswered.


Life isn't always fair. Sometimes the world can be cruel, and that's why you have to learn to be cruel yourself.