Hawk Visits Miguel  - Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 3
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Johnny crashes his friend's church, makes a scene, and his friend takes him down in front of his own congregation.

Bobby observes a boy named Angel being hassled by bullies in juvie. He refuses to take Danny's calls.

Daniel's competition, Tom Cole, comes in offering to buy the place since sales are way down.

Sam visits Miguel to bring him a card and apologize. They talk and she basically does a cool motive still murder in reference to Tory and her rough life.

Hawk sees them and is rude to Sam when she leaves.

Miguel needs surgery by a specialist but his mother is already in debt.

Johnny talks to his pastor friend about what's going on and is still blaming himself. He tried to do right and everything got screwed up anyway.

His friend tells him he can take Johnny to see Robby despite Johnny's probation because he's clergy.

He also tells him to ask his stepfather sid for money to help pay for Miguel's surgery. Johnny doesn't want to.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people no rhyme or reason no matter what happened.

Tom Cole got the Japanese manufacturers to cut ties with Daniel so he could go under.

They do a car wash fundraiser for Miguel to raise money. Hawk gets mad about Miyagi Do "using Miguel as A poster child."

Robby sees the coverage and it prompts the previous bullies to start in on him. He defends himself but they beat him up and promise more.

Johnny tries to sell things at a pawn shop to make up for Miguel. His job search doesn't go well when he has to disclose his previous arrests.

Johnny's lack of proficiency in computer and technology is hilarious... "you said it was wireless?" I csn probably remember how to get on the internet."

Amanda urges Daniel to sell despite his memories and adamance that he not. He thinks about what Miyagi would've told him.

Johnny goes to see his stepfather. He puts up with his stepfather's verbal abuse before getting a no. He steals a sculpture from his stepfather to hawk.

Hawk and cobra kai steal the car wash money to give to Miguel themselves.

Daniel declines the deal and gives Fanoush his job back.

Johnny gives a check for Miguel's expenses to the hospital and Carmen and her mother see. She thanks him and her mother asks Johnny to stay and pray with them because Miguel needs him.

Johnny misses his appointment to see Robby in prison. Picked one son over the other.

After cobra kai beat up thr kid and stole their money. Sam decides to pick up training without Daniel knowing.

Daniel goes to Tokyo to sit down with Doyota manufacturing company directly after Tom undermined him.

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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Miguel: Tory's had a rough life. Her mom's sick and --
Sam:- everybody's got a sob story. Doesn't give you the right to be a bully. 

Bobby: How many times do I have to tell you, I'm not a priest.
Johnny: So your wang can still get tang. Nice.