Abuela  Helps Out  - Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5
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Silver got Stingray a new apartment and Johnny's old car

Johnny brings Miguel and Robby to Olive Garden for lunch and to make amends. Olive Garden ad

The boys leave Johnny there.

Daniel is upset about Amanda leaving with the kids.

He and Chozen get a news article that alludes that Stingray lied about Kreese.

Johnny traps the guys in his apartment for an escape room forcing them to work together

Daniel and Chozen go to talk to Stingray

Daniel shows up at Johnny's to rile him up and enlist his help against Silver and gets angry when Johnny has family issues.

He's surprised when Johnny gives him good advice.

Jessica talks to Amanda and tells her the history between Daniel and Silver.

Amanda, Jessica, and Sam when she comes to defend her mother, get into a bar fight

Daniel tells Chozen that it's over and he thanks him for everything. He plans to go talk to Stingray

Johnny finally gets the boys together and encourages them to fight it out until they get it out of their systems.

The boys really fight it out, and it gets bad enough where Johnny tries to stop it when it starts to emulate when Robby kicked Miguel over the banister. But Miguel stops and they talk things through and end things. Johnny is relived and says he didn't want them to still hate each other when the baby came. They are both shocked but happy about the news.

Sam offers to teach her brother how to fight.

Carmen is surprised to see the boys getting along, but is happy when they're all having dinner together.

Daniel goes to replace Stingray's PlayStation but Silver is there. Daniel says he surrenders and he's out, but Silver is having too much fun goading him.

Daniel and Silver fight.

Silver beats his ass and threatens him again.

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Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Defending honor of Miyagi-Do, never a waste of time. Nor is helping friend.


Never mind the middle-aged mean girls with faded middle-back tattoos.