Chozen and Johnny  United -wide - Cobra Kai Season 5 Episode 6
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Silver invites Sensei: Da-Eun to the Valley for his plan to teach at his dojos. She's not interested in all of his flashiness.

She's the granddaughter of the man who taught Silver and Kreese the way of the fist. Johnny, Chozen, and Amanda want to help Daniel who claims that he's done with karate.

Daniel wants to give up.

Tory goes to visit Kreese in prison to give him an update.

She tells him abut LaRusso getting hurt and Kreese doesn't seem to care which seems to throw her off.

Kreese tells her to keep doing whatever Silver says and that Kreese will ahve his own plan.

Terry shows up at another dojo where he's taken over and gotten rid of the sensei. It's where Devon is.

Kim wants to keep Tory with her.

Chozen and Daniel go down to the Topanga Karate Kreese starts getting harassed in prison and has to go along with it because he's trying to get out.

Tory guides Devon.

Chozen and Johnny bond over being Daniel's former enemies.

Johnny is perturbed when he sees Devon in there. Kreese's doctor doesn't give him the recommendation for early release

Kim makes Tory beat Devon's ass.

Kreese starts to open up in therapy and envisions his therapist as people from the past.

Chozen and Johnny beat up Kim's mentee and have words with Kim.

Devon shows up at Cobra Kai and joins.

Sam gives her insight into the situationo as the others all plan to get Daniel to lead the charge.

Kreese beats up the guys trying to bully him and wins over the prison.

Amanda brings Daniel to Miyagi's place so he can heal.

Amanda gives him a talk and discusses Mr. Miyagi.

Robby shows up to talk to Daniel too.

Daniel gets to see that all the Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do kids are there to help him and Anthony too.


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