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Angus mans the ER's radio, communicating with the ambulances. He takes the call that there has been an accident involving a car driving into a street fair. 

The first victim a female pedestrian with traumatic amputation to both legs. A 50 year old man is brought in after being thrown thirty feet by the car. Mario freezes over the amount of blood the first victim is losing. The patient flat lines and Rorish calls it. Angus comes upon the driver, who is in a dissociative state. 

The sheriff reveals that the driver had a seizure disorder, and Angus and Rorish put him off questioning her. Angus wants a psych eval for her, but there's no one available so he will have to handle the treatment herself. 

Malaya and Christa complain about charting. Christa is assigned to a woman attempting to admit her son by paying cash. Pablo is wheezing and feverish. The boy has pneumonia, but Christa doesn't think it was caused by his supposed asthma, based on his low weight and the taste of his sweat.

Rorish treats a young woman whose eye is bulging out. The woman is in training to be a military pilot, and they need to remove the blood behind her eye so that she doesn't lose vision.

Angus tries to talk to the driver, but she is beyond resistant to the idea that she may have been driving a car and that she killed several people. 

Rorish describes the procedure to her patient as she performs it. It seems to be a success. 

Christa tells the mother she thinks that Pablo may have cystic fibrosis. She reassures her that Pablo would be treated regardless of his immigration status.

Neal assigns a man with a priapism and an old lady with a fractured femur to Mario and Malaya. Malaya is annoyed that they won't be working the mass casualty incident. Mario (awkwardly) takes the priapism, and Malaya tries to talk the old lady through the risks of surgery. The 50 year old male that came in earlier tries to leave, but he has a final fracture. Neal has to shout in his face to get him to stop leaving. Pablo starts to decel. The old lady watches everything with interest. She indicates that she understands the dangers of surgery. Christa takes Pablo to another department for a treatment to clear his lungs. 

Rorish warns Christa to stay professional with Pablo, allowing her to perform the procedure. 

Malaya talks to Dorothy about the risks of surgery.

Christa is worried about Pablo and his mother, and Rorish tries to tell her she needs to know when to let go of her patients. 

Mario tells Neal that the priapism is ongoing. The discuss the next step in treatment.

John's fracture is getting worse, and he needs surgery as soon as possible. They ask the woman with him for permission to operate, but she isn't his wife.

Pablo's mother appeals to Rorish, seemingly unsuccessfully.

Angus continues to put off the sheriff. One of the victims sees the driver and starts freaking out.

Angus tries to give the driver medication to help her through the realization, but she refuses and requests to be left alone.

John's wife arrives, and Neal attempts to gain her consent for surgery but she is too focused on why he was at the street fair and who he was with. The encounter between the wife and the girlfriend does not go well. The wife refuses consent. Neal tells her that he could get a court order but that John would be paralyzed by the time it came through. 

Malaya preps Dorothy for surgery.

Mario is still dealing with the priapism--it will now need to be drained. Mario is less than pleased with his assignment, and Neal dresses him down over his attitude. 

Rorish exams the eye patient. Her vision is back at 20/20.

Pablo is back in the ER with a high fever; he's septic. 

Angus is relocating a bikers soldier when Neal runs past with the news that somebody has jumped off the roof. He immediately realizes that it is the driver. 

Angus runs the trauma on Nancy, and Rorish and Christa treat Pablo. Nancy flat lines and Angus fights to save her until Neal intervenes and calls TOD. Angus feels responsible but both Hudson and Rorish reassure him. Christa is able to help Pablo, and Jesse advises Rorish on how to help Pablo.

Neal checks in on John, and his wife shows up. John gives her a mea culpa.

Malaya takes Dorothy off the ventilator. Dorothy struggles some and the other doctor wants to reintubate, but Malaya fights for her. 

Mario discharges the priapism. He shares a moment with the patient. 

Christa reassures Pablo's mother, and Rorish brings in Pablo's grandmother to help with the boy's care. 

Christa walks into a diner for breakfast, and Neal is already there. He invites her to sit with him, and they order Bloody Mary's. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Dr. Malaya Pineda: You have certain risk factors we have to consider. For one, you have emphysema.
Dorothy: I smoked for forty years. I'm no quitter!

All this charting is like asking LeBron to record his own stats as he plays.

Dr. Christa Lorenson