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The girls and Neal discuss Guthrie Jr. as Mario struggles with a pediatric patient. Malaya's ex girlfriend shows up in the ER, pregnant. She's having shoulder pain that won't resolve and wants Malaya to do a workup on her. The homeboy doorbell goes off; a cop that Leanne knows (Tom) has driven up after being shot. His partner (Scott) is also injured. As Hudson and Rorish are treating the cops, a man carries his son in with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

Guthrie tries to keep his son off the kid's case, but Cole insists on helping. They manage to intubate him, but the boy's pupils are fixed. Malaya volunteers to tell the father, but Guthrie has reservations. 

Tom worries about Scott and reflects on the shooting as Leanne treats him. Neal questions how Leanne knows Tom, but she's evasive.

Jesse advises Malaya on how to notify the father that the boy is braindead. He reacts violently to the news, and Jesse calms him. They take the boy to his father.

Guthrie tries to check on Cole -- Mrs Gurthrie shot herself in the head, and Rollie is concerned about how the case is affecting his son.

The paramedics bring in the shooter, how has been hit and also has a pacemaker. There's some debate over whether the bullet exited the body or not. The press shows up to the ER, and Taylor tries to clear the lobby.

Angus treats an older gentleman in the waiting room who has a knee injury from a tennis game. He visited an acupuncturist after and thinks that the needles may have been left in.

Malaya sees a suspicious person head back into the trauma area. He heads back to the kid who shot himself. The boy, Jamal, is upset and doesn't believe the boy is braindead. The father is upset that Jamal has come to the hospital and orders him removed. 

Tom is vomiting and having pain, but seems relatively stable. Cole assists as Leanne tries to figure out what's wrong. The bullet perforated his diaphragm and his bowel is strangulated. Jesse does not appreciate the way Cole issues orders. 

Malaya finds Jamal in the hallway and tries to figure out what's going on with Jamal and Victor. Jamal reveals that he kissed Victor days several days earlier, which scared Victor because his father was homophobic. 

The bullet hit the bystanders defib unit. He's anxious to leave so he doesn't miss class, but the doctors tell him that he'll probably have to take the semester off.

Angus shows the old man his xray, but he still doesn't believe that there's nothing there.

Malaya has to break the news to her ex that she has leukemia. 

The cops discuss the bystander and the person that shot at them. Scott gets sent up while Tom waits for an OR. Tom's story starts to get a little hinky, and Jesse questions him about how he knew he was shooting at a gangbanger. Leanne gets defensive on Tom's behalf. She reveals that Tom was the first cop on the scene after her family's accident and stayed with her that whole night. 

Victor's father talks to Guthrie and Malaya about removing life support. Malaya tries to ask if Jamal can visit first, upsetting the father. Guthrie reprimands her for interfering. 

Tom looks for reassurance that he'll make it. Leanne thanks him helping her family and then questions him on what happened on the street. Jesse interrupts with news that they have found the shooter. He is brought in and Malaya struggles with the intubation, earning a reprimand from Leanne. Tom watches the docs work on the shooter and Cole arrives to take him to surgery. At the same time, the shooter goes decels and also needs to go surgery stat. The boy's pacemaker starts misfiring, and he crashes. As Cole debates with Leanne and Neal over who to take up to surgery, Tom climbs out of bed and collapses in the middle of trauma.

The press continues to try and invade the ER as the doctors fight to stabilze all three ben. Cole and Neal work on the shooter, Christa and Mario open up the student to deactivate the pacemaker, and Malaya and Leanne relieve a tension pneumothorax on the cop. The cop gets sent up to surgery as he is the first stabilized. Christa gets shocked cutting the lead, but is fine. The shooter flatlines. After complimenting Neal's skills, Cole questions why he is in the ER and not the OR. 

Angus is still struggling with the old man, and Taylor intervenes with a magic trick to make the old man think that the needles had been removed. 

Malaya insists on speaking to Victor's father about Jamal and the struggle of coming out to one's parents. The father relents and allows Jamal to saw goodbye. 

Jesse comforts Malaya. She finds her ex on the rooftop and they share a moment.

Tom asks about his partner, the bystander, and the shooter. Leanne tells him the boy and the partner are fine. Tom reveals that he took money from somebody that came after him, and Leanne tells Tom that it's up to him if he comes clean. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Dr. Cole Guthrie: You're a good surgeon.
Dr. Neal Hudson: So are you.
Dr. Cole Guthrie: But I actually am a surgeon. What are you doing down here?

I went to an acupuncturist long ago for fertility -- Dr. Ho. He inserted one needle, and before you know it, I had my very own millennial. Which is Latin for "unemployed."

Dr. Mark Taylor