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The docs are debriefing a panel of the the board after Gina's stabbing. The hospital has gone through footage and found Gordon on surveillance tapes almost 20 times. In a flashback, Gordon follows Malaya into the parking garage where he asks her out. He doesn't take her rejection well. He tricks her into thinking that he left, but steps out from the shadow as she goes to get back on the elevator. Mike recalls how Christa found Gina and how he treated her. Malaya is brought into center stage midway through their treatment of Gina. Jesse shouts for somebody to call the police. Heather arrives in the ER, but Mike insists that Gina doesn't have time to go upstairs. A lawyer in the meeting takes Mike to task for "breaking protocol," but Leanne stands up for him. The head of the board calls Leanne out of the meeting. He reveals that Gina died, and that he wants Leanne to take over as director until Taylor returns. Jesse is called in front of the committee and recall how Malaya got to the ER on her own. As Malaya tells her story to Neal, Gordon is brought in on a gurney and she starts to freak out. Neal joins in on Gina's surgery when Malaya is stabilized and moved to another room. The head trauma surgeon arrives and is territorial about the case, pushing Mike out of the way. Neal insists to the committee that they made the right call, and Leanne backs him up again. Campbell admonishes Heather for letting the surgery happen. Campbell calls TOD when he hears that Gina's been without a heartbeat for over twenty minutes. Christa and Angus fight to save Gordon as Mike, Mario, and Neal place Gina into a body bag. Campbell speaks in to the committee and disparages the work of the ER team. Mike confronts Campbell about his accusations against the ER department. Heather defends Campbell to Mario. The committee questions Christa and Mario about Gordon's multiple visits to the ER. After Christa mentions that Gina had been in a bad mood that day, Christa recalls how Gina wanted her and Neal to disclose their relationship to HR. The committee goes to ICU to interview Malaya. She remembers how he tried to rape her before he injured her. Angus interrupted the attack and pulled Gordon off of her, telling her to run. Angus tells the committee that in the struggle, Gordon stabbed himself in the neck. Angus says Gordon pulled the knife out of his own neck. The committee questions Mario about his previous treatment of Gordon. He took some rat poison and claimed it was probably from a tainted taco truck. Jesse remembers that he asked for Malaya. He visits in her in ICU and she asks about Angus. Jesse takes the blame for not noticing Gordon's interest, and Malaya blames herself, saying she encouraged him. Neal tries to talk to Christa, but she's still upset about how Neal was reluctant to sign the HR disclosure. The lawyer on the committee questions her about how hard she and Angus really tried to save Gordon. Neal's interview ends with him being reprimanded to not perform any more surgeries without express approval, and him handing in the paperwork about his relationship with Christa. Mike encourages Leanne to stay on as ER director. Jesse updates Angus on Gordon's status, saying he wishes Gordon would die. Leanne finds Harmard at Gina's graveside, and she figures out they were dating. Angus visits Malaya, and tells her that Gordon is dead. Mike tries to reassure Angus about what happened, and it's revealed that Angus did nothing when Gordon pulled the knife out of his neck, letting him bleed out until security arrived. Mike is the only one that knows. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

Center stage is where rules go to die.


Do I need a lawyer?