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Neal's ex-girlfriend Grace shows up in the ER with a young girl she has brought back from Haiti. She's hoping that Angel's can perform a pro-bono surgery to remove a spinal tumor while the girl is in the states on a tourist visa. Campbell refuses, which leads to Neal applying to Harbert to take over Cole's position as trauma surgeon. Rosaline goes crashes soon after, and Neal takes her up to surgery, but has to call on Campbell when things get difficult. Campbell dismisses him, and makes it clear to Neal that the OR is his territory and that he is head of the pecking order. There is some tension between Neal and Grace throughout -- clearly, their breakup wasn't amicable and there are some unresolved issues there. Rosaline pulls through the surgery fine, and Grace tells her that she's looking into becoming her guardian and taking a job in Angel's ER.

Malaya returns to the ER, and Christa is the only one who doesn't bring up her attack. They work together to treat a new single mom who has come in with shortness of breath. After missing some clues, they diagnose her with a pulmonary embolism, and with Mike's supervision, recommend a treatment which may cause her C-section to start bleeding profusely. When the worst happens, Malaya freezes up, and Mike talks her down and back into the procedure.

Angus and Mike treat a high school football coach who taught Odell Beckham. He goes into septic shock, and it's revealed that he hid his prostrate cancer from his family for a year, not taking any kind of action towards treatment during that time. Mike and Leanne clash over the boundaries of their new roles. When the coach refuses to go forward with the doctor's treatment plan, his daughter calls Odell Beckham to talk some sense into him. 

Savetti and Rolli treat a young woman who is dying from cystic fibrosis. She's arranged for her body to be cryogenically frozen, but her husband struggles with the decision. When the cryo team shows up, it turns out that Heather is moonlighting for the company. The husband eventually comes to term with the procedure, and Mario thaws a little towards Heather. 

Angus and Malaya both struggle with the aftermath of the attack, and lean on each other to get through it. Rollie senses that Angus is feeling guilt over what happened, and the two of them end up at the hospital's burial service for unclaimed bodies.


Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Neal, has it ever occurred to you that you've run so far from your father that you've run right past yourself?


I could throw a tennis ball off the roof of this hospital and hit about thirty little girls that need our help.