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Christa and NEal wake up together and talk about trying to keep their relationship a secret. Leanne fills Jesse in on her plans to leave, and is called up to the head of the hospital's office with Gina. They want her to name her successor as the head of the residency program -- the hospital wants Mike, but she hasn't decided between him and Neal yet. Malaya catches Mario in the locker room and tells him he better fess up to Angus about Heather about Heather before he finds out through other means. Two gunshot victims are brought in, accompanied by an OCU officer. The boy is the son of an Armenian syndicate and he was shot by his uncle, the other victim. Mike goes to update the father, and his thugs pull their weapons when the nephew comes into the waiting room looking for his cousin and father. Leanne is thinking in her car somewhere on the highway and a kid tries to get her to take him North. When she says she's going to go in to eat, he follows her. A man is brought in with his wife. When the doctors start working on him, she reveals that he jumped instead of falling like they thought. She tries to get them to stop care because it's not what he would have wanted. She ends up showing her power of attorney to Gina, and it turns out that he's a paranoid schizophrenic. Gina backs up the wife's insistence for a DNR. Initially Neal agrees with Gina, but he ends up siding with Christa who doesn't think they should abide by the wife's wishes. Mario treats a girl who thought she had an injury from a fall, but it turns out to be gonnorhea which has settled in her knee. Angus crushes over Heather to Malaya, and Heather comes up and leans on Angus. Mario comes over, and tells Angus he can do better. Angus shares the gossip that a nurse caught Heather making out with her attending. The cousin tries to find out Kiran's condition from Neal and Mike. He explains that the fight is between their fathers, but that the two of them are extremely close. Malaya's creepy patient, Gordon, from the other day is back, supposedly with stomach pains. He tells a tale of spending time with a close friend dying of cancer, mirroring her experience. Angus and Mike's dad is in town for the board meeting; Mike is surprised to see him. Mr. Leighton breaks the news to Mike that Leanne is resigning, and that they want him to replace her. Mike reveals that he left Angel's because he didn't want his father's help with his career. Leanne eats pie and chats with the kid from the roadside -- he is trying to get up to the jail to see his father. Kiran is crashing. Angus expresses some jealousy that their father would never stop by to visit him. Mike tells him to deal with it another time. Neal looks over the scan, and says that the boy needs a transplant. Mike fills Angus in on what their father told him, and Neal overhears. Neal is upset about the news, and he and Mike deliver the blood test results to the family. Manny is a match for Kiran, but his father objects to him donating. Mario called Heather down to help with the gonnorhea girl, and he asks her about the attending. She clarifies to Mario that they were never exclusive, and that he has no right to be jealous. Gordon doesn't have cancer as he feared, but there is blood in his urine and his clotting factors are low. Leanne drops the kid off at the prison and goes in with him. Lori tries to explain the situation to Christa, but she still doesn't get it. Leanne visits with the man who killed her family, and he doesn't understand why she never responded to his letters. Mike urges Manny to help Kiran over his father's objections. Leanne listens to the man's apology and forgives him. Gordon follows Malaya into the break room, scaring her. Gina interrupts them and kicks Gordon out. She warns Malaya about the appearance of the situation and about keeping the patients at a distance. Manny tries to explain the benefits of the transplant in a way his father can understand. Leanne visits Gina and tells her that she is ready to leave. Mike interrupts them and tells them that he won't take the position, regardles sof his father's wishes. Lori's husband starts to code, and the Christa and Neal turn off the alarms. Christa starts performing CPR, ignoring the orders, and Neal stops her. He pronounces time of death. Mario's patient starts to crash, she's going into septic shock. Mike joins in and they take her to center stage. Gina sneaks a candy bar in the locker room, where Gordon is dressed in scrubs, sitting in the other row. Her beeper goes off, and he surprises her as she tries to leave. Mario can't tell if they've got an artery or a vein, and Mike shows him and Angus how to determine. Leanne watches from the observation deck, and has a silent conversation with Neal. They have an actual conversation about her leaving in the hallway after. She admits that she never took the time that she needed. Mike and Neal talk about Leanne leaving, and Mike is surprised that Neal wasn't offered the job. Neal encourages Mike to take it. Christa goes to the locker room and finds Gina bleeding out from stab wounds on the floor. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Leanne: You're the one that told me to live, remember?
Jesse: I meant, take up yoga.

Neal: This could get complicated.
Christa: Why? Because you're managment and I'm labor?