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Noa is shaken after her EMT ride along with Willis takes them to the scene of a massive police shoot out. After getting their patients back to Angels, she begs off continuing with the EMT training, asking to stay with her patient. He ends up dying, and she can't bring herself to speak to his wife as she promised once she see's that the woman is pregnant. She ends up assisting Mario and Rollie with a magician who comes in with trouble breathing. He keeps pushing her to have faith (and mentioning how she and Mario would make a good couple), and to not always look for the answer. When his biopsy comes back negative against all odds, he says something to her that helps her find the strength to call the wife.

One of the cops is brought in with an unexploded bullet in her leg. And not just any bullet, but one with an explosive tip and a four meter blast radius. The doctor that the bomb squad uses to diffuse these rounds is more than an hour out. Campbell refuses to let Angel's staff work on the officer, but Willis points out that he doesn't work for the hospital directly. He works alone, but ultimately hits a point where he needs assistance. Leanne steps in without reservation, and Jesse follows her. They manage to remove the ordinance, and get her up to surgery. She and her boyfriend, who is also on the force and was injured in the shoot out, both end up okay and are happily reunited.

Heather and Angus treat a woman with Lupus who also has some family secrets. She and her brother have some serious tension, which seems to stem from the death of their other sister, which the brother feels responsible for. Further complicating their relationship is the woman's son--due to her brother's recreational drug use and general laziness and immaturity, she doesn't trust him very much with the boy despite the fact that the two are exceedingly close. They start to work out their issues when she is rushed to surgery with a pulmonary embolism. The damage is too severe, and she dies. The brother is surprised that she made a video before going into the OR which grants him custody if anything happens to her.

Campbell finds Jesse, Leanne, and Ethan on the roof smoking cigars at the end of the day, but joins them instead of reprimanding them. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

There's only one secret to being a good parent. You just gotta love that kid with all your might.

Julia Clark

Proof is easy. Faith...is hard damn work.

Johnny Prentiss