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Campbells heretofore unknown daughter is brought into the ER after having seizures caused by a build up of cerebrospinal fluid from a blocked shunt. She is struggling with her disease and the demands it puts on her and how it keeps her from being normal, and Campbell is struggling both as a single father and the father of a special needs girl. In the course of her treatment, Malaya and Jesse reveal Rollie's secret, prompting Leanne to step in and take over care. Rollie is pissed and feels betrayed, certain that the medication he is on means that there's no reason to reveal his prognosis to the hospital administration. He ends up quitting before Campbell has a chance to talk to him about things. Malaya is suspended, and ultimately Jesse is fired. Angus talks Mario into revealing their prior knowledge to Leanne, but she refuses to take it to Campbell, not wanting to lose any more of her team to the debacle. 

Luis sees his relationship with Leanne mirrored ini two patients who come in after a car crash. Workaholic Kathy depends on her interpreter, but her problem-solving persona makes her come off as all business to him. She's devastated when she finds out that his cancer has returned, and he is shocked when she breaks down crying. With Elliot working as an interpreter between them, they come to a touching understanding. 

Willis' old boss comes by to offer to reinstate him for overseas service. Mario becomes suspicious of the General when he complains of severe pain but admits to never seeking out specialist care for old injuries, giving the doctors multiple excuses. Ethan tries to defend his old boss, but the truth comes out when the general overdoses on the narcotics Ethan gave him. Willis figures out that the job offer was really a ruse to put him into the general's debt and thus feel obligated to supply him with drugs. Ultimately Ethan decides to stay at Angels, much to Leanne's relief. 

Code Black
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Code Black Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Loyalty to your friends cannot come before loyalty to your patients.


I have my own hands. I'm not a doctor's assistant, I'm a *nurse.*