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Leanne is excited to receive news about the adoption hearing, but can't get ahold of Ariel. When her shift finally ends, she heads home only to be alarmed that Ariel still isn't answering her. Alarm turns to panic when she reaches the girl's room and finds it empty, with her cell phone left on the bed.

Dominic's condition worsens, but Angus is kept out of the OR when he admits to Campbell that the boy may be his son. Mario tries to stop him from telling Campbell because he's been snooping and knows that Angus isn't the boy's father. Angus feels betrayed by his friend, and Noa backs him up to Mario. Angus confronts Yvonne about her deception but she tries to play it off like she really did think he was the baby-daddy. Angus tries to give her and Dominic the cold shoulder, but his warm heart wins out when the boy calls him by name. 

Ethan and Rox haven't worked out their differences, but that's all put to the side when Rox get's hit by a drunk driver while they're out on a call. Ethan is frantic about his ex-partner, and his emotions interfere with his treatment of her. After getting her into Campbell's OR, he sits with Jae Eun and tries to explain what went wrong between him and her niece. Jae Eun tells him it doesn't matter what happened in the past, just what he does going forward. Rox wakes up but rejects Ethan's presence. When he and Noa pay her another visit later, she tells them that she can't feel her left hand. An MRI reveals that she has a fistula in her brain and needs invasive neurosurgery to correct the issue. Campbell isn't qualified and doesn't trust any of the surgeons in LA. Ethan finds a doctor in San Diego but Will attempts to veto the idea by saying that Rox isn't stable enough for the medivac trip. After Rox has to be intubated, Jae Eun steps in and insists that the team go with Ethan's plan. He asks why she trusts him and she tells him it's because he loves Rox. 

Mario and Noa start to have problems at work, keeping future opportunities from one another and clashing in center stage. Noa takes offense to Mario's brusque teaching style and letting her personal feelings interfere with the work. She's also keeping her interest in switching to an OBGYN residency from him, although Diego finds out and offers to get her an interview with a program she's interested in...a program in Pennsylvania. Mario is frustrated with Noa's refusal to listen to his orders in the ED and doesn't immediately tell her about Leanne's offer to back him as an attending at Angel's. They finally talk to each other and sort out some of their issues, but it's obvious that the problems in their relationship run deeper than either wants to acknowledge. 


Code Black
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Code Black Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Ethan: It was mostly me disagreeing with her. She was trying to help me. I said some things...
Jae Eun: It doesn't matter what you said then. It matters what you say now, when she wakes up.

Leanne [to Will]: Wow, nice tux.
Jesse: Every ovary in this hospital just started fluttering.