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Geronimo is a dude who takes his radio show on the road by way of a grocery cart. He sets it up and takes it down, on the run. He only has 98 seconds to tell a compelling story and get it off the air before someone can track him. 

Will's son is tape recording Geronimo's broadcasts. He's on day 341. He's stashing them in his closet, which isn't the greatest hiding place.

Katie and a friend are riding their bikes talking about their first times. While they're talking about sex, they're on their way to rob a truck as a Resistance maneuver. Things go terribly wrong. Katie was in charge of timing the events. People get shot, including one of theirs, Justin. She wants to help him. Instead, they kill him. She's rightfully appalled. 

The drones are coming. She's still timing. Her hands are covered in blood; 98 seconds. The drones kill everyone who is pilfering the truck. The Resistance fighters are safe. The cops come and they stop clock one. They're out. And I'm a little confused.

Katie goes home. The teacher notices her heavy breathing, bloody hands and asks if she's OK. Will calls for her and she runs to the shower. When he finds her, she's naked outside the show and she grabs for him. They make love. Afterward he thinks it's kind of weird and wonders what's going on.

At school, they already have textbooks about the Colony and adhering to the moral codes of the authority because it's just and right. Bram's teacher keeps him after class and they talk about their hosts and what goes on in the sky. He notes he has a telescope. He just needs a piece to really see what's going on.

At the robbery site, Will and Beau discover the perpetrators left behind a body which they executed. He tells Phyllis what he learned. Homeland found a head of Geronimo before they arrived.

They get to Justin's house and when a cipher is found in Justin's room, they send his parents to the factory. Now it's time for Will to be appalled.

The Resistance can't believe the Occupation got to Justin's house before they did. The Occupation finally got someone who knows what they're doing.

Katie tells Will her morning breakdown was because of finding their son's ball at the Yonk. He tells her about the kid who was killed at the attempted robbery for food and how the red hats came in and took his parents away. He blames himself. She lets him.

Katie meets with Broussard who wants her to do more with regards to Will right now. 

At the Yonk, Maddie mentions she heard how happy Katie and Will still seem to be. They laugh. Laughter is good. They have beer from San Francisco and whiskey from Kentucky. At least they're still around.

Bram's friend Pia needs his help. Her cousin is hurt in some tunnels, tunnels that leads to the rest of the world.

Will and Beau get to the pool where the Resistance has been training and such. The find soundproofing and guns start going off. Beau points out he survived 30 years on the job because he didn't run after people.

Pia and Bram arrive at Pia's, an apartment building where canned goods are important, but they have a full outdoor pool? That has to be a mistake.

Quayle wants to shut Will down. He wants Broussard to tell Katie her intel has to outweigh the damage her husband is doing to them. 

The Yonk is hoppin' because it's opening night. Red Hats come waltzing in with Proxy Snyder right behind. He makes a toast, bringing everything to an immediate halt. He believes the softer hand is better than the hard touch. Will wonders what's in it for him. It's good for everybody. 

Katie is freaked out. She thinks they sold out. They sold their souls and may never get anything in return. Will says finding their son is only step one. Katie has to trust him. He knows what he's doing.

Will, meanwhile, thinks Jennifer is the leak in their department. Beau is stuck in LA working for the occupation because of his dishwasher. Needed an O-ring and he drove down to get some tacos. 

Katie tells Broussard about Phyllis, but in return, he has to make a deal that her husband is never harmed.

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Colony Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

They lose their kid and then they go to the factory just like that. I'm responsible for that, all so we can get our son back. Whatever you're going through, we're going through together. You can tell me anything. Just talk to me.


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