An Impossible Decision - Colony
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A group has a Host unit without an interface. It can see people attending to it.

The Hosts are only robots made to look like us. They appear to exist entirely of a small sphere which can be transplanted from "body" to "body." A core with an interface.

Will and Katie begin transmissions to try to find where to deliver the gauntlet. There are a series of numbers playing across the address found in Noah's belongings. No, they are not the Lost numbers.

Snyder is keeping a watch on BlackJack teams coming and going.

Maddie is sleeping outside the Yonk. Red Hats tell her to move along. She looks at her shoelace tied around the pole from when she cried wolf. Another time.

Snyder goes to see Dan. The Governor General is having the Bloc evacuated to find the gauntlet. To San Fernando. Snyder's surprised to hear the whole LA Bloc is being cleared for the effort. As usual, Snyder isn't up to speed. 

Black Jacks followed Morgan back to the bunker. Katie sends Bram out with the kids. Don't let them take the kids.

Morgan is down. Of course.

Two Jacks stun Will. The family gets out safely, but Broussard exists the bunker with a dead Morgan in his arms.

Snyder visits Helena for the real story on what's about to come. He learns he'll be given a spot on her global team. Helena already put his daughter on the exemption list.

Katie, Broussard and Will got to a friend of Katie's to regroup. That's when Will suggests contacting Snyder and offering the gauntlet. Broussard doesn't want to do it, and wants to stay behind, as well.

Maddie learns what being a founding member of a Greatest Day temple gets you. For some reason, she still thinks being a part of The Greatest Day is great.

Will contacts Snyder with news he can get him the gauntlet. Snyder decides to get past his skepticism and meet with Will.

When the Greatest Day asshole starts telling people to load up on buses,

Snyder goes to the Global Authority. Would information get him anything? The dude says if he leads them to the gauntlet, he'll never want for anything again. The wheels start spinning in Snyder's head.

Toby Huss is in the hospital and singing with a granddaughter when a dude comes in to share the good news LA is being eliminated. He and his family, though, get a mountain vacation. Singing continues.

Snyder meets with Will and almost blows a gasket when he sees Broussard with him. Seeing Snyder practically run up a concrete barrier is awesome. 

He tells Will and Snyder he doesn't want to be a rat anymore. This is going to be the moment Will makes a bad decision and trusts Snyder, who screws everyone over.

Broussard won't go with them when they leave. He gives Katie the gauntlet with the instructions to make sure it gets to the right people out there.

Maddie is in the processing center. They give away their possessions. They have only the clothing on their backs as they sit there dreaming of San Fernando. Maddie looks around, realizing she's not going anywhere. The Red Hats are standing guard. She rushes to the guard. She made a mistake. She shouldn't be here! He punches her in the face.

She's right where she's supposed to be.

Snyder is in a parking garage. He's called a couple of Red Hats for hijacking. Katie and Will take their clothing as Snyder looks guilty.

People are still evacuating. There is a voice overhead LA telling people to make their way to the assigned evacuation centers.

Snyder picks up the family in the vehicle. Gracie remembers he made them breakfast once. Bram doesn't want to get in with him. They eye each other. Bram gets in.

They use the Red Hats costumes to get through the gate. Snyder says he's part of a special envoy on behalf of the Governor General escorting the kids to a youth camp.

The second search takes too long. Snyder says to stick to the story or it's all over. Will takes a chance. He goes full on "we're all in this together."

It works.

They talk it out. The Red Hats call San Fernando. Nobody is answering. There is humanity among the humans. They just need to reach each other.

The Bowmans and Snyder are driving along the empty highway on their way out of Los Angeles.

An announcment at the holding area tells citizens to slowly move toward the main gate. They weren't moving fast enough, and people start firing weapons. The large garage doors open as aircraft hover above.

Helena watches from a nearby bridge, here eyes filled with tears.

Maddie is at the front of the group. Katie watches the aircraft in her rear view mirror.

As Katie and Will join hands, Bram looks over at Snyder who peers around the car and activates a homing device.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Snyder: There are moderate aliens?
Helena: Yes, and they are overruled. And in light of Alcala's regime, I can't say that I disagree with them.

Helena: I got the call last night. You were in such a good mood, that I didn't want to ruin it.
Snyder: By giving me a heads up that the world was going to end.