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Everyone is living in a cabin together. They're doing chores and Snyder is cooking breakfast. Something beeps and Snyder and the kids head into a shelter while Katie, Will, and Bram head outside to watch a bit robot walk over to them and walk away. It went in a different pattern than usual.

Will and Gracie are fishing. She caught one! She's grown so much. Her fish is big, too.

Charlie and Katie are building a trap while Snyder comes stumbling in carrying water across his back. Nobody helps him nor do they listen his complaining. 

The bucket of fish when Will returns home is full.

Bram has been tracking a numbers station and someone is out there very close. They don't want to give away their position but the gauntlet is important so Bram wants to reach out to her.

Snyder heard their talk and thinks Bram should reach out to the resistance. 

Will is ready to stay there forever, but Katie is frustrated. She wants to find another way they can reach out so they can make a difference. A lot of people died. Will feels like Swiss Family Robinson except for Uncle Snyder. Nothing's perfect, Will agrees.

While they're making out, it sounds like someone is bombing the place. After running outside, they see a rap ship floating overhead. It's on fire.

Three drones are in hot pursuit. Snyder is worried, of course, that someone may be onto them. The story changes when Will says he's coming with him.

Back at the house, Katie is digging up the Rap piece. Bram starts taunting her with the "who's in charge" stuff.

The guys get to an observation deck and discover the Raps are attacking the giant ship. A rumor at the IGA was that the factory was to build space weapons. Will is excited at the prospect the Raps have enemies, someone they could partner with to fight the Raps. 

Bram tunes into a couple men talking on the radio. They say they've got eyes on sky but they're waiting to get eyes on the target. Bram looks for them, but he sees nothing straight away. He hears noise, though. 

Red Hats are at the cabin and everyone has to clear out. They're highly outgunned, but they have the house booby trapped, the sound of gunfire and the place set to explode as the Reds get nearer. 

Despite his shit nature, after six months with the family, Snyder seems a little bit taken with the kids and may be protecting them for real. 

Katie is hit by a bullet as the family runs.

Oh. It's Grey Hats. Bram runs back to Snyder and the kids who need more time to make it through. 

When Bram makes it to the kids, he wants Bram to help the kids. He runs off to help Will and Katie. How? He doesn't know, but he owes them, he says. 

They're out in a field surrounded now, and one of the big drone things is right there with them. It takes out the red hats and circles around Will. Its eye light turns a different color and it turns on Will and Katie and runs off. He's still protected. 

Snyder didn't go back to the family, he went to meet the people. Snyder doesn't want to do his job anymore. They have no idea where the resistance base is, so go with them and stay with them until they have eyes on the missing host. 

Snyder is playing double agent, as usual.

Bram knows a lot of things, but his disdain for his father keeps Will from adequately questioning Snyder when Will knows the questioning needs to be done. Snyder is back with the family.

Bram gets in touch with the resistance and they're to meet in 24 hours. Took them long enough, the chick says.

Katie and Will find a downed drone and see what one of those things looks like inside the crashed vehicle. A bunch of goo.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm just encouraging you to pursue your hobby. For all our sakes.


Snyder: You know, in my experience, you don't have to work so hard to find a problem. They tend to find you.
Will: Less talkin' more walkin'.
Snyder: I'm trying. You know, your legs are about nine feet long!