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Senor Chang finds a crib sheet on the floor and threatens to give the entire class a 0 on the test if the cheater does not come forward.  The next day, Britta admits to being the cheater and she's brought in front of a tribunal of the Dean, Professor Duncan, and Senor Chang to determine her fate.... next to the pool.  Jeff agrees to be her lawyer and nearly has her off with a strategy of denying until she admits she did it.  Jeff has no choice but to plead insanity for his client... and it works!

Meanwhile, Annie is in charge of coming up with a school song in time for the dedication of a statue to a famous alumni.  When Annie is cracking under pressure to find someone, she ends up using Pierce who wrote a jingle for his company's handy wipes.  She finds out later that he just ripped off "Coming Around the Mountain" and at the time of dedication it turns out Pierce just rips off "The Way It Is."

In a much funnier side plot, Troy tricks Abed into believing he's related to Obama and Danny Glover.  When Troy explains he was just joking, Abed spends the rest of the episode in an elaborate attempt to trick Troy into thinking he's an alien.

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Community Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Professor Duncan: Good morning. How is student life, my dry-witted friend?
Jeff: Probably the same as teacher life, but less tragic, because I get to leave.
Professor Duncan: Very dry. Very witty. Not a great friend

Troy: I'm president Obama's nephew
Abed: You never mentioned that before
Troy: I didn't know if I could trust you, but now it's time to tell you everything, starting with we invented the Ferrari