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It turns out Jeff, the Olympic Gold medal winner of gibber jabber finds it hard to talk to Shirley, so he stayed after at class to avoid her.  Instead, Jeff walked with Britta where they ran into Britta's new friend, a stoner hippie guy, Vaughn.  Soon Britta convinces Jeff he should try and walk with Shirley to class and he actually finds it easy to talk to her... as long as they're making fun of people.  Their main target?  The man with so much to make fun of... Vaughn. 

However, when Jeff catches Britta making out with Vaughn, he tries to stop making fun of him so he can be a good friend... and one day get in her pants.  Jeff and Shirley can only hold out for so long, cause I mean the guy is really that big of a douche, and after Britta shows Jeff a poem that Vaughn wrote for her, he hands it out to the breakfast club.  Soon the whole club is making fun of Vaughn and eventually the guy walks in and realizes they're all making fun of it.  So not tight.  Not only do Britta and Vaughn break up, but Jeff finds out through Shirley that Britta is having sex dreams about it.  Score.

Meanwhile, fresh after getting reamed out by Senor Chang, Annie asks Professor Duncan to enroll in his coveted experiment.  Although the experiment is normally reserved for sophomores, Annie gets in and is asked to bring two subjects.  She chooses Troy and Abed.  The experiment is actaully to see how long you can keep people waiting (for the experiment) before they break down and go crazy.  After all the subjects crack, we're left with just Troy and Abed.  Eventually Troy breaks down, but Abed lasts 26 hours until Professor Duncan actually breaks down waiting.  So why did Abed wait so long?  Besides being rainmain, he did it because Annie said they were friends.  Aww, what a sweet weirdo.

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Community Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Britta: Hey Vaugn, what's up?
Vaughn: No worries
Jeff: Interesting, cause I might be worried if I was playing hacky sack a decade too late

Britta: Aren't you supposed to have an Olympic gold medal in gibber jabber
Jeff: Yeah, but I'm a sprinter. I'm at my best during high speed bursts of wit.